Best tool to keep you sane

mysticfoxtrot(North CA)June 24, 2010

Hey All,

My husband and I are moving from a tract home to 2 acres, YEAH! My question is what is the tool you find helps you the most? What keeps you sane taking care of your place?



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bill7(NW MN)

First of all, congratulations. Secondly, wow..

One tool???

I moved from the city, where I did accumulate a few tools, to the country a few years ago. Although I did work in building maintenance, so I had a good start. So I am trying to figure out what I added (not duplicates like hammers, saws, a gazillion screwdrivers and wrenches, and not including adding a riding lawn mower/GT). A good weed whacker is a must. Had a hammer drill and saws all.

So, considering this is a tool forum...

An angle grinder, a gas powered 2" pump, a million pairs of safety glasses and ear plugs, a .22 (not a tool).
All for now. I will post back if I think of more...

Good luck!

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bill7(NW MN)

A chainsaw...depending on your property.

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A cold Miller Light keeps me sane,sain,saine,what the heck.

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bill7(NW MN)

Forgot about the "sane" part...

Not sure if that tool exists!

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"a .22 (not a tool)"

I beg to differ, it certainly is a tool. Now back to the original question. The type and number of tools you think you might need (want?) is almost limitless. I've never lived on more than a quarter of an acre and have managed to accumulate a sizeable collection over the years. Then there are those who only have a hammer, a couple of screwdrivers and a crescent wrench and hire all the work out to someone who does have the tools. So if I had to pick one tool to keep one sane I think it would be a phone to call someone who has the tools to come and do the work.

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Boy!!! That's limitless!!!

1) a .22 rifle is a good tool to deal with squirrels. I would keep also a bigger one!!!
2) a big rear tine tiller.
3) Large string trimmer, bp blower.
4) hand tools like shovel, rake etc.
5) a generator if you live in remote area.

I can go on and on.

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bill7(NW MN)

Yeah, the "one tool" thing is hard to answer...

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mysticfoxtrot(North CA)

Thanks for the suggestions . I'm a "Fat Tire" person myself :)

On our old city place I am a fan of the blower/vacuum i use for cleaning up leaves but its electric and the cord is not going to reach the edge of the new place!

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You guys forgot one thing: The refrigerator or cooler on the back porch, full of the drinks of yer choice! The only thing that makes ya think that maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to move to the suburbs, or the near country! Works fer me! rj
P.S. Buy several 100 ft. extensions!

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

If your gonna be getting some small gas engine tools to take care of the place, you're not going anywhere without a small air compressor - blow the dirt, wood chips, etc out of where they don't belong.

Plus, air powered tools are on the rise, all types.

I also use mine to purge the water lines going to the tool shed ("winterize")

Small tank air compressor - cheap, no maintenance, lots of applications. Can't loose.

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I know, the best tool is sitting on the couch, take the tv remote and beer bottle off the tool's hands and make the tool earn his keep!!!!

Now that is one tool that keep you sane......or insane!!!LOL!!!!

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For me, the single most versatile "tool" has been my John Deere X520 garden tractor. Since I have so many trees, a backpack leaf blower is a close second.

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