garage door opener problem

sukiiplumJune 4, 2009

Hello to anyone who can help, I saw a posting with similar problem as mine regarding the craftsman garage door opener. It closes but goes back up automatically only about 20 inches and stops there, tried few times, still the same. But now since my brother tried adjusting the up and down force options (turning the adjustment trying to see if it'll help lift the door up any higher), the door now wouldn't even open. The motor hums for few seconds, then stops. So now I know is probably the spring, I wish I have seen posting mentioning the spring being the problem earlier, before getting my brother do any adjusting, now I don't know if there is any more damage,since it now won't open other then motor humming.

Anyway,where can one buy the spring, and what is the cost approx.? Where is the position of the spring, I have the manual, but could NOT find anywhere saying there's a spring. Please help me asap if u can, I don't want to buy a new opener if I don't have to., Thankyou

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There are generally 2 types of springs. One type is directly above the door and the other is on each side of the door at the top. This is not something you should attempt yourself. These are part of the door not the opener. You need professional help for this problem.

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Similar problem. Door only moves about a foot in either direction, with remote or wall mounted opener button. No flashing on the exterior lights or the security light.I have adjusted : Chain, security light beam, up/down tension, up/down travel all to no avail. The door moves freely when disconnected from the chain. Does this indicate logic board defect???
thanks kindly

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If your door moves freely by hand (without much force) disconnected from the opener, I doubt you need springs.

1. There is a simple spring that is not too dangerous on solid doors on arms vs folding doors in 4 sections running in tracks. The simple spring will loose strength over the years. Mine was noticeable because the door was heavier to open manually than the 2nd door with better springs. My springs were simple to attach close to the floor and to the arms. "Old School Doors", never changed due to storage cabinets added above the doors (that w/n allow the newer doors).

2. The newer doors with the spring parallel above the door is considered dangerous for e non-mechanical person. I have installed one but w/n again. I h/n installed the overhead springs where 2 are running with the door�s tracks. They d/n look as dangerous as the single overhead spring.

3. The door�s weight, especially old wooden and metal doors can be too heavy to handle safely w/o good springs.

4. Last, my neighbor had the erratic sear's opener/door. The Tech adjusted her 2 overhead springs on the one door and oiled the door�s hinges and rollers and it worked good for 2-3 weeks. On the return trip he replaced the opener at a reduced rate (that I guess was weak) and it has worked since. How long would you expect an opener to last w/o servicing it? I h/n purchased a new opener vs one given to me and one from a garage sale (5.00) has lasted about 25 years. I service them with oil/grease and chain adjustment and etc as needed/noticed. Plus I have at least 4 more free Sears openers in the attic. LOL Too much to proof, Good Luck! Ask for better info if needed. loger

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