sears garage door opening by a neighbor's remote

susanthegreatJuly 22, 2011

we erased the password, reset the remote pad, but the garage door OPENS without me - someone near me IS ACCIDENTALLY OPENING MY GARAGE...

i've found it open several days in a row, it's been opened

'remotely' as many as 3 times in one day

what's going on

SEARS OPENER 139.53684

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"we erased the password, reset the remote pad.." If you mean the remote pad on the door frame, you probably did not reset the handheld remote device(s). You probably need to do a reprogramming of the garage door opener. The owner's manual tells how to do it. You will also find the routine on the internet. Here's one of a number.âÂÂdo-keyless-remote-model-139_âÂÂ53684_âÂÂ.html
If you need to check out the page, do a copy and pasted from my post.

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Look at the LED light next to the SMART/LEARN button on rear of the motor unit. You may need to remove a light lens cover in order to see it. If the light is flashing rapidly this means you have a stuck button on one of your remote controls. Take the batteries out of each remote control. When you remove the batteries from the bad remote, the light will stop flashing. This remote needs to be replaced.

If one of your neighbors remote controls is inadvertently programmed into your receiver, you door will open when their remote is activated. If this happens you will need to clear out your receiver and reprogram your remote controls. Press and hold the smart/learn button for 6 seconds or until you see the small LED light near the button turn itself off. If the above steps have been followed and the symptoms continue, there may be an electronic short in either the wall control button or the receiver logic board. In this case, remove the wall control wires from terminals 1 and 2 on the motor unit. Should the symptoms persist after the wires are removed, replace the receiver logic board. If the symptoms stop with the wall control wires removed from the motor unit, replace the wall control button, and the wires leading to the wall control button.

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I have a liftmaster 1/3 hp model 1150LM
I have (2) remote controls that are âÂÂclickerproductsâ model CLT B

This is what I have done �" I used the clickerproducts manual to reset the codes on the remotes by
#1 matching the 4 brand switches to - on �" on- off- off
#2 then I switched the remote dip switches to 1 thru 5 âÂÂoffâ 6 thru 9 âÂÂonâ 10-12 to âÂÂoffâ much different from prior setting
#3 press both buttons on the front until led flashes, when it flashes release and
#4 then select a front button press and release

Then I went to the Garage Door Opener and pressed and held the yellow smart button for a slow count of six and then released it. Then I pressed and released the yellow smart button once, and then I depressed the newly programmed remote control. The garage door opened and closed. The old remote not re-programmed did not control the garage door opener. I now have switched the second remote to match the first.

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