homelite chain saw

wheelerwelderJuly 17, 2010

I just purchased a homelite chain saw model UT10519 46CC can someone tell me if this is a decent saw for home use.

I have to pull it about 5 to 6 times to crank when cold & not that easy to pull can i add something to gas & oil mix to make it easier to crank.Hard to find any reveiws on this model not experienced with running a saw but was very carefull & have watched other people using them.


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Lots of saws will take 5 to 6 pulls to start when cold, if it has primer bulb 2 to 3. Most new saws come set too lean also , try opening the low adjuster some if it has one. Homelite used to make good saws, not any more. For a good small saw I'd look at Echo, Efco, Dolmar, Makita which are built a lot better than the home owner Stihl and Husky saws for about the same price. Steve

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WW: As Steve has advised 5-6 pulls is about what to expect for saws of the Vintage of yours . You should ensure 40-1 or even 50-1 fuel mixture with a Premium Grade Saw Oil. Pick up some good fuel conditioner / cleaner and run a few tanks through your saw . Always put in a New Plug and Fuel Filter if you have not done so . Not an expensive to complicated addition and inspect and clean your air filter the above will assist with more efficient operation of your older saw and may even help in reducing your starting attempts to 3 or 4 Pulls whhich is Optimium. Enjoy your cutting and be sure to were Hearing Protection and Protective Chaps or Pants .

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i bought one last december and had to have it serviced twice the first time the gas tank popped and the second it was the ALUMINUM side cover tensioner which has been on back order for over 4 months now and homelite can not provide a time in which said part will be available again so i was told by the service shop to take it back and not get another cheap chinese saw which i am going to return it tomorrow

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IMO add LG electronics to the list to not buy especially large screen LCD TV's.

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