Chain saw sharpner

jeep461(5)July 27, 2010

I have a collection of saws and need a sharpener. Saws are Echo, Stihl and 1 craftsman. Total of 6 saws all in different states of sharpness.

Any ideas on sharpeners, electric, manual, brands would be appreciated.


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Check out the Baileys Site they have various Models at good prices . Alternate check out the Arborist Site . Personally I would save your money and learn to hand file. Better for the saw chain and quite interesting .

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I have used a Sears Dremel looking model (Craftsman 36578) the past 30 + years. IÂm not seeing it now. "It Has Been A Dream Come True" after touching-up chains with a file a few times. Plus, I paid to have chains sharpened a few years and they would take 2-3 sharpenings. With the dremel looking sharpener I controlled the sharpening better (heavy or light as needed) and my chains lasted longer. I also purchased the kit and links to shorten my chains that stretched or broke before they were worn out. My problem for many years, I could only find wood that had been pushed into piles during developing. The grit in the wood was hard on the chains and bars. The link below should show a sharpener similar to what I have. loger

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Jeep : Beware of cheaper (Asian) Imported Clones they take off much to fast a rate of metal and also tend to overheat the tooth and make hand sharpening much more difficult , when a light touch is only required . I can hand file a chain in 5 minutes unless it has been overheated by a Novice with little experience and a overzealous Sharpening Machine Usage lol . I guess you could try it on some older used chains for practice and go from there .

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masiman(z7 VA)

Northern Tool makes a decent knockoff (read Chinese) sharpener. I have one but I recently picked up a nicer one. There is a difference between the two in terms of fit and features but you'd have to really do alot of chains to justify the cost difference. Others may burn easier but this one is about the same as my nicer grinder.

Hand filing is generally easier. The downfall of hand filing is that the files wear out quicker than good grinding wheels (Diamond and CBN being top notch). It is not as quick for alot of chains as a grinder. It is much harder to get the teeth evened out by hand filing.

I'll hit my chains up with the grinder about every 3-5 hand filings. Usually in that time I will have banged a few teeth pretty good and the grinder lets me set everything back nice and even. Hand filing will put a much nicer edge on the teeth. I will typically hit a ground chain with 1 or 2 light strokes of a file.

I will be selling the NT sharpener. It is in fine shape, no problems, I just can't use two of them. Post if you are interested.

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Maisman email me the price. I am looking at 2 on ebay. I am really good at grinding and filing. It has been 30 years + since I sharpened a chain. As long as they do not make them out of high carbon steel my choice is a file most of the time but would still need a sharpener.

I just like to do things myself it always seems to get done better. Now the files any recommendations. I had to look on you tube to see if there were any new ways of doing things.


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