Just got first ever order from Chamblees

AnneCecilia z5 MIApril 17, 2014

In all these years I have never ordered from Chamblees before; for some reason I got the urge this winter to see what everyone was raving about. Well! Two VERY HEAVY cartons were delivered to my home today and I must say, I am impressed with the unusual (to me) packing. All the pots had plastic bags around them, gathered and held closed around the rose canes by a rubber band. Then the pot in its bag was inserted into a kraft paper cone and the top of the cone was rolled over closed. In the large carton, pots were standing on their bottoms with cardboard dividers between the three rows, and a few empty pots upside down to fill in empty spots. There were 9 roses in gallon pots in that box - I couldn't even lift it to bring it inside; I had to push it along into the garage! The smaller box held three roses, these lying on their sides and two of them had long canes outside the paper cones. Some of the roses looked a bit squashed, but I would too if I'd been stuffed into a box - I'm sure they will spread out after a few days. There was very little breakage (and most were in bud/bloom) and amazingly little to no soil dislocated from the pots. The soil is very heavy and black - and absolutely soaked so no wonder the boxes were so heavy!! No dry plants here. (Did the soil stay put so well because it was so wet?) Whatever, Chamblees' packing methods work very well. After other vendor's past shipments needing staple pullers and razor knives to free up pots, and tons of packing trash to dispose of, unpacking a Chamblees order was a breeze and very clean. I am impressed.

Oh yes, and here's what I got:
Sugar Moon, Savannah (Kordes,) Golden Celebration, Purple Rain, Blue for You, Portmeirion, Wild Blue Yonder, Solero Vigorosa, Julia Child, and (3) Lemon Fizz Kolorscape roses for edging the front bed. The only rose that was even close to being disappointing in size was Sugar Moon, looking quite small next to the husky plants of all the others but we'll see if it catches up. So far I am in love with the fragrance of Savannah and Blue for You is to die for!

Of course, they will have to stay potted and on my garden wagon so I can move them out for the day and inside for protection at night for a while longer - our snow is not completely melted off, but we're getting there, slow but sure.

Doing a Happy Happy Rose Dance tonight. :-)

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How exciting for you! Glad to hear that they ship their roses as well as they do. I live in Texas and was fortunate enough to make a day trip to Chamblees several weeks ago. It was my second time over the last 2 years and everything I have purchase has been healthy and is thriving. I am already wanting more roses and was thinking of ordering so it's good to hear you had a good experience. Enjoy your new rose babies!

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kidhorn(7a MD)

I've ordered many 1 gallon roses from Chamblees. They may be my favorite vendor. They start small but always survive.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I think they give good value for the money. All the Chamblee roses I've ordered are still in the garden, healthy and growing. I can't say that is true for some of the "band" sellers.

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Just curious-can you tell me what you were charged for shipping? I wanted to order but am hesitant as the shipping charges aren't totaled until after the order is placed.


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charleney(8a PNW)

Because of the rave reviews about Chamblees, I just ordered 6.
Julia Childs
Winchester Cathedral
LD Braithwaite
The Dark Lady
Golden celebration

Uh Oh , I guess I just ordered 7. YIPPEE!

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Linda, I emailed you back but in case you didn't get that (and in case someone else has the same worry) the shipping charges worked out to a little over $4 per rose. I think the shipping charges were completely fair - those were some of the heaviest plant boxes I have ever received. Yes, the total for shipping seemed like a large expense, but by breaking it down and adding the shipping to the cost of each rose individually it is easier to accept as I could not buy a similarly sized potted rose locally for less.
And since I couldn't buy most (if any) of these varieties potted locally, well, it's a no brainer. :-)

The roses are on my garden wagon which is on the covered patio so that they were sheltered from yesterday's bright sun and wind. Today has a gentle rain falling so I am going to pull the wagon out into the open for a while to let them enjoy a shower. Is there any happier sight than a wagon full of all that promise of beauty and fragrance?

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sandandsun(9a FL)


I look forward to reading your reports about them in the coming years. While I'm happy for you in your new zone 5, I must admit that I'll miss the zone 4 experience reports that you provided.

Congratulations on your order.

Imagining your wagon full of roses is a lovely image.

How would you describe Savannah's fragrance? (I notice that it sold out since you posted).

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Thank you, Sandandsun, for that compliment. It is nice to know that people have enjoyed reading about my roses even if they weren't living in such a cold zone themselves. I must say that after all these years, just that smidgeon of decreased cold to garden in is exciting to me - although you'd never know any difference from the brutal winter just past!

So I had to go out onto the patio to refresh my olfactory senses regarding Kordes' Savannah, where the roses on the wagon were snugged up to the glass door over night (it's only 32 degrees out there right now.) The only wide open bloom has a damask scent to it - not very strong, but the bloom is old and it's very chilly. There are two more buds that will open if we get some sun and warmth and I'll be sure to note the type of fragrance for you when it's fresh. I did snap off the open bloom and bring it indoors but I'm afraid it is competing with the overpoweringly heavy scent of Easter's potted hyacinths which is filling my house right now! Still, sinking my nose right into the bloom, I think of the damask, old rose scent. Yum.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

More for SandandSun: sniffing the same bloom tonight, now that it is warm, it is definitely spicy. My nose is not the best at identifying subtle tones in fragrance, but I can catch that.
And for a bloom that has been open a week, it is remarkably strong.

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sandandsun(9a FL)

Classic old sweetness and spice too!

We're getting up, ahem, above 80 now here and nearing that other more familiar number that won't be mentioned now. However, I do hope that means that at least milder temperatures are visiting zones 4, 5 and you.

Thank you for the fragrance report.

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Here is my Nacodoches from Chamblees from 3 yrs ago. It is a healthy, thriving rose. Strike it rich is behind it. So far all my roses from Chamblees are doing great. I got Evelyn and Golden Celebration this year. They are doing good but I hope they out grow their octopus arms in a few years.

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