Rebuilding a Wheelbarrow

cactusmcharrisJuly 17, 2010

Hi y'all!

I've got a question about the following wheelbarrow - do you know of a site where I can ID it, or does anyone recognize its make?

I would like to rebuild it (it's frankly better than most, if it worked) and need to get some parts (these might be universal for this particular design, like specialized U-bolts with clamps).

It's in the backyard in Kamloops and, quite frankly, has a made-in-North America-feel to it. I look forward to its return-to-service, after the last handle is linseed-oiled.

More pics can be taken if needed.

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It looks just like a Jackson except they are painted blue.

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Huumm looks like a Typical Construction Grade Wheel Barrow Numerous Manufactuers over the Yrs . Looks in Good Condition for the Age. Have fun with the Restoration. Should provide many more yrs of Faithfull Service out West for You !

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With your skills, why not fabricate the needed parts? I like your pictures. What software did you use to upload the pics? I would like to share a wheelbarrow I built in the mid 1970s. All steel and the tub is the only purchased part. I built 2 to last and carry good loads then (concrete, firewood and etc. but half loads now. LOL. loger

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You folks are great!


I found no stamping/writing indicating which manufacturer - as you can see, this one's likely always been red.


It is in fairly good condition, all things considered. Some elbow grease will be needed, but it will give me something to do this winter.


I just use my flickr account - no special software that I know of. You just go to the picture itself in your account, click on the 'Share This' link, and grab the 'a href.......' code, which you then post into your GardenWeb message.

Do any of you know of an online store for wheelbarrow parts?

Thanks much again,


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canguy(British Columbia)

Try Princess Auto for the wheel and axle hardware. Home Hardware has replacement handles for about 20 bucks.

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Links to my all steel wheelbarrow that I hope will work (copy, paste and search in http window). I searched for on line parts without any good results. You know parts are out there but this is why I make many of my parts and tools. loger

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Stop by my place, and i'll give you several, just to get rid of them! One has a bent tub, but the other one is pristine, and has the solid rubber tire that will never go flat! Might take a change of color, although being green, it hides in the weeds sometimes, and i have to really look for it!

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Loger, How did you bend the square tubing?

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Interesting Question! Notice these are not sharp bends, which meant I had options (plus more).
1. A Di Acro Bender,
2. A span of heat or moving heat to the outer curve and force.
3. Using conduit or cable while forcing the bend to prevent a collapse and thickness as even as possible.

This is 1" sq X 1/16" thickness after the original 1" sq X 1/8" was too much "noticeable" dead weight. Notice the 1" band braces welded on the outside of the bends next to the tub needed with the 1/16 vs 1/8 tubing.

The axle is a bolt through pipe sections tacked to the tubing after I felt the height was average. The front and rear braces are 1" X 1/8" band iron. The tub was the largest I could find at a commercial Hardware Supply. I would consider a 2-wheel design if I had it to do over. Advantage, not having to balance the load while walking. Disadvantage, maneuvering due to not being able to lean in turns.

Last, notice the use of 1" X 1/8" angle as rear legs and front to reduce weight. The 1/16" tubing design weighed half the 1/8" and has carried all the wood and concrete it could hole over 30 years. loger

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that's about $49 to $69 Dollar wheel barrow depending on sales and where you buy them, IF the wheel and axle are good you can make the wedges out of 2"x4"'s, Only thing I would consider buying would be the handles, if those are cracked or rotted, if not I would sand and paint them and reuse them. I rebuilt my cheaper one several times. It not the use that wears them out, it leaving them out in the weather.

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I don't have the kind of workshop that I'd need to make those parts.


Thanks - most of the parts are reusable, and I intend to prime and paint all of the wood.

Dear All,

Thanks again for your replies. After a bit of sleuthing, I've discovered what I have is an

Erie 1035 construction-grade wheelbarrow (ewalk, you nailed it generically).

Below is the link to their wheelbarrows and other tools and the parts for same, too, which I intend to avail myself to. What's even better, they'll sell them to me directly.

Kind regards,


Here is a link that might be useful: Wheelbarrow Central

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What can I say ! Was Unfortunate enough to frequent myself with the unit during my teens carrying firewood to the Wood Shed on numerous occasions lol :)

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