Agapanthus gone missing

wave9xMay 4, 2014

I moved into my new house last year and noticed something funny with the Agapanthus growing in my front yard. The flowers never seem to reach full bloom. Before they fully bloom, the flowers are seemingly cleanly cut at the top of the stem. So I end up with a bunch of stems sticking up and no flowers.

At first I suspected deer, as the leaves also were chewed on, so I took some action like spraying deer repellent and so forth this winter.

Spring is here and the Agapanthus are blooming. The leaves no longer are chewed on and my other plants look free from deer feasting, but this morning I noticed two of the Agapanthus bulbs look cleanly cut at the top just like last year, and nothing on the ground. Other bulbs remain untouched. If this is the same issue as before, these bulbs will eventually meet the same fate.

Now for the weird part. Earlier this year I caught my neighbor sneaking into my front yard, thinking I wasn't home, and snipping some of my Calla Lilies for herself with a pair of scissors. I had a talk with her, but I am paranoid she is the one doing this to my Agapanthus. I am actually considering installing a security camera now!

Help! Is it my neighbor or could it be something?

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Maybe it is a snail or a bug. I was blaming the deer for whacking my Liatris when they were young and tender. I did notice some spit bug spit around the stem but thought nothing of it. All the stems were cut off at the same place everywhere. . I then thought about those spit globules that had been on them the other day. This year I have been doing the thumb rub on whatever is inside and so far, the liatris is un eaten. . It is not over till the fat Lady sings and maybe I saved it from the bug for the deer to eat.

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