Poulan Pro carb adjustment?

tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)July 24, 2010

Poulan Pro 3516 - I already paid the local small engine man $43 to clean sawdust from the carb, but the carb is still running too lean. The saw only cost $140 new, I can't afford to pay for any more cleanings // adjustments.

Both the high speed screw and low speed screw have no slots, What is the tool used to adjust them?


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Why can't you take it back to the guy that cleaned/overhauled the carb. and let him adjust it? He should do that for free beings he tampered with the carb.?

Are they splines or "D" shaped splines screw heads? I have used needle nose pliers. If you can get them out, you can cut slots with small cut-off wheel or hack saw. Then you can use screwdriver in the slots. I would try to move the high counter-clockwise about 1/16" of turn with needle nose pliers first, if that don't make a difference then you may have a vacuum leak or the carb still dirty????.

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Tom: For $40 bucks bring right back and have him properly tune the saw . It's part of the carb inspection and cleaning . Follow Rolm's advice and slot the heads , after removal and reseating to within 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns out .

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

I think both carb screws have splines (very small). I can't really get a needle nose on them, looks like an intentional factory design in that way.

Heard from the Echo dealer years ago this was an EPA idea, get all the 2-strokes running lean and leave the owners with no way to let them out.

Guess I'll have to take it back to the small engine guy. See what happens.


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the reason you can't get pliers on them then molded a housing around them incasing the adjustment screw. I have also ground the housing down or cut it off with dermel tool and ground on the needle nose pliers to get hold of them to remove them. You can get spline adjustment tool off ebay but they are usually around 10 bucks plus shipping.

The guy that worked on the carb. should have the adjustment tool, if not that tells me he didn't remove the jets for cleaning?? This is is exactly why many years ago I desided if I can't fix it it's junk cause they new little more than me????

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Does anyone know where to get the carburetor adjusting tool for the poulan pro 3416? Is there an alternative tool that may be used?

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I found an absolutely cheap tool for the carb adjustment. I work at an ACE hardware and sell Rainbird landscaping equipment. The Rainbird 1/4" x 12" polyflex riser has a perfect inside diameter that fits snugly over the spline on the carb adjustment. Cost is less than $1.00. If the end wears loose, use a PVC cutter and snip off an inch.

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I bought the proper tool from Napa for like 6 bucks....

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I adjusted a Poulan Pro 3516 or a model similar with splines with needle nose pliers w/o a problem. I was told it would take a special tool but I saw no reason needle nose w/n work, âÂÂas they didâÂÂ. His problem was 2-part, #1 not believing Gripping Is Gripping with Right or Wrong Tool and #2 not having a feel for adjusting a carb due to the response.

The Lack Of Old School Common Feel/Knowledge is becoming rare and Gold for Techs that really have a feel. I hate to think that Quality and Skills Are Almost History.

I have the 70s 80s Poulans S25s and Skills but a donated Electric McCullough has allowed them and my starting arm to rest with all the cutting at home (with curbed wood since 2010 ice storms).

It Hit Me Today! How is Ewalk and how does he manage to cut/use 10 cords and 2 are killing me âÂÂLatelyâÂÂ? IâÂÂm just about on time to using 2 cords 24/7 as needed but this is in North Tx vs The Great White.

Take Care!

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