plant id please

diggerdeeMay 25, 2014

Sorry, no photos. :(

I was pulling weeds in a friend's garden today and saw what I thought were maple seedlings. When I got close to it to cut it down, I noticed it was more vine-like - or at least it was long-stemmed and flopped over - and it had a red bloom that reminded me somewhat of a sedum bloom - mounded, but kind of flat, and made up of small individual blooms. The head was also much looser than a sedum bloom-head - more space between the individual little blooms. It was a dusty pinkish color.

The leaves were about 3 inches in size, and looked just like maple leaves, and the bloom head was probably about the same size. Since we are getting a very late start in this garden, it's possible we had always pulled/cut this one before it bloomed.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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How about maple leaf viburnum, V. acerifolium.

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Hmm, nhbabs, that might be a possibility. The blooms were definitely a dusty pink, though - all the images I see online have white flowers. Is it possible to have pink blooms on this plant?

It's definitely not something she planted, but she does have a wetland and damp woods behind her house, and I have seen the white-flowered one growing in those conditions. Is there a pink-flowered (native) variety?


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