Lawn Tractor flywheel wont return

kpc2912(7)April 20, 2012

I own a B&S engine31C707 with an electric start. If the engine does not start , the flywheel will not return, and I have to physically wind it backwards until it stops, and then attempt to start again. Does this type of motor have rewind starter spring? I know rope start models do, but this one is electric. I can find no information on this on the internet. Can someone help me?

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Well you are not being terribly clear about what is going on. IF the starter turns the flywheel part way then stops most likely you need to adjust the valves so the compression release will work OR on that model, could be the camshaft is bad. IF you keep making the starter try to turn the engine over, you will ruin the starter if you haven't already.

I have detailed instructions on adjusting the valves as well as a test for compression release function IF you would like them. Address below, put in proper format and remind me, model number, etc.

Walt Conner
wconner5 at frontier dot com

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Thanks Walt. To be clear, When I start the engine, the starter pinion engages the flywheel like it is suppose to. The flywheel turns one or two rotations, and the engine sometimes will not start. I know my battery is probably weak which does not help. Now, when it does not start, the flywheel stays in the position it stopped. When I try to engage the starter again, the flywheel will only move an inch or so, and it will not start in this position. However, if i take my hand on top of the flywheel, I can turn it backwards to where it began, and if I engage the starter again, then sometimes it will start.

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Might i suggest finding out if your battery has enough of a charge in it to start the engine?
Also, there is no rope in the starter! It is entirely different from a hand operated pull-rope starter! When you turn the key to start, the current from the battery goes to the starter solenoid, and when you turn the key to "START" the solenoid sends current to the starter, and if you have it connected properly, the starter shaft revolves, and that makes the starter gear rise up to engage the teeth on the flywheel ring gear, which in turn makes the flywheel go around, and also makes sparks thru the spark plugs, and the spark makes the spark plug spark which ignites the fuel in the cylinder, making the engine turn, start, and run! Thats if everything is working properly! (Does that sound close? RJ)
Yes, i know--clear as mud! I had to check it, myself.
Also: This only applies when your battery is close to, or is, fully charged! And especially, if you have the minus (-)cable to GROUND, and the plus (+) cable to the solenoid! The plus and minus marks are usually cast into the battery case. NOTE: If you connect the cables the wrong way, the starter gear will not rise up to engage the flywheel gear teeth.
With the lawn tractor engine, if you connect the battery the wrong way, the little gear on the starter shaft will not rise up to make the flywheel turn, and forthwith, the engine will not even try to start!

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Your weak battery may not be turning the engine fast enough for the ignition coil to make a strong spark. Checking that is probably the first thing you want to do.

Walt Conner

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