Blown Head Gasket B&S 1100 series on MacKissic Shredder

garystpaul(4)July 10, 2010

After gradual hard-starting to no-starting, and much diagnostic poking around, plus changing air filter, spark plug, cleaning carb, etc., I found the problem: insufficient compression due to a blown head gasket. The engine is still just shy of expiration of 2-year warranty, but the gasket is cheap and easy to replace. I'll get it next week and I'm hoping to get back to the easy-start, purring engine it has been up until now. Naturally, I'm concerned about what caused the gasket failure. Does anyone out there have experience or tips about what to look at or think about here? Thanks. Gary

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Having the cooling fins blocked by debris may be a factor. They don't fail too often on these in my world. If you post the actual model and type, I could look if a bulletin was out- or the dealer could when you get the gasket.

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Thanks a lot, Tom. It's a B&S 150112-2110-B8.

Debris is certainly a factor with any shredder. My buddy and I decided to look at the gasket as a last resort, plus we heard a little whoosh of air coming from that direction. It's a fairly new engine (build date March 08), so I was surprised.


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I see nothing. Should be a good repair.

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Good news. Thanks, Tom. Gasket should arrive this week. Gary

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