Flowering Cherry Split in Trunk

farmboy1(5)February 26, 2012

My house came with a Flowering Cherry of unknown age and species. In the spring it gets some pink flowers, no fruit at any time, grows well and looks otherwise quite healthy except for a split in the trunk that seems to be getting wider/deeper.

My question is whether this is a tree that I should be thinking of taking down as it will only deteriorate further, or should I just let it be and try to get it to flower more?

Part of the reason is that the tree is a few feet away from my old brick septic tank (underneath the concrete stuff to the left), which is going to have the top 2-3 feet removed in the next week or two to convert to a connection to a recirculating sand filter system that is being installed in the town per an EPA mandate. So there will be some root damage to the tree no matter how careful they are. There should be a couple pictures in the Webshots album link below.




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In my opinion leave it as it is and do not worry about the split. Cherry trees usually do not live long, and before the split becomes a problem the tree will probably die of old age.

As for the potential root damage, what is the difference in the end results, if you take it out now, or wait for it to die of from the potential damage? By waiting you can enjoy the flowers for a couple of more years. The tree looks small enough that if you do have to take it down it would be a Saturday afternoon with a bow saw.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

since the work needs to be done.. presumably with a backhoe.. have them take it out ...

that is old damage.. i bet if you pulled back the bark.. with a razor blade... and you might want to do this if you have an inquiring mind ... you will probably see some indication of healing under ...

it also looks like it is improperly planted [since we can blame the prior owner] .. i dont see the root flare .. it looks telephone poled ... which can lead to this kind of problem ...

otherwise it looks like old sunscald damage ...

will it die if you leave it.. maybe.. maybe not.. but why look at it for the next few years.. if you have someone who can take it out ...

i dont know anything about brick septic ... sounds like an east coast thing.. but i wonder about the wisdom of planting a tree so close to one ... might want to talk to your septic contractor, if no one here can help ...


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Will it die if you leave it...DEFINITELY! (-:

The question is when. It's very likely that the trunk rot will develop to the point that the tree will eventually fall over. The three things you don't want to happen is for the tree to get too big to be conveniently removed, the tree to damage something or someone when it topples, or for its root system to damage your septic system. Keep it until you think one of those things is likely to happen or until you get tired of worrying about it.

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Thanks, guys, Yeah, I guess it will die...eventually!

I looked at the tree today, and it has plenty of buds. Since there don't seem to be any major problems evidenced from the trunk split, I'll be lazy and leave up until it starts looking bad.

Now it spring would get here sooner!


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