Gas trimmer/edger combo

smilin_2009July 10, 2011

I'm looking to purchase a Combo Gas trimmer/edger. I do not have a "large" yard but have enough flower beds to warrant a good unit. I'm looking for a good combo unit that will do the job. For edging it will not be required to start out fresh as I have used a neighbors and have them done already, so I just need to keep them looking good. The trimmer will be used mostly. Any ideas as far as brands would be very helpful.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

IMO, Walmart sells junk - I have one of these made by Snapper, a POS.
Go to a dealer, and pay more, not the big box "stores".
I'm not even sure that a "combo" is a good idea..
So, I too, am looking for an edger/trimmer, maybe...I have 3 to 5 trimmers, but not one "good" edger... the good ones are pricy....up to 4 figures..

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No I wouldn't buy one from a big box store......I'm leaning toward a Echo PAS unit. Neighbor down the street has a Craftsman convertible unit that has never gave him problems but not sure seeing I'm not a Craftsman guy. Thanks for your comments.

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RE: Weed eaters for tall people?
Posted by loger (My Page) on
Mon, Jul 11, 11 at 23:08

I feel any major brand pro grade trimmer with a straight shaft vs a bowed shaft will help or solve your problem. I faced the same problem at 5'-11" tall with a bowed shaft with multiple attachments (which are not pro grade IMO). I added a straight shaft to the bowed trimmer with a hard blade attachment only. Purchased an Echo trimmer with straight shaft and use it with string only. My back and trimmers are happy (with faster jobs) when used with my arms fully in the downward position as much as possible.
You will easily get your 3-4" + extra reach with a pro grade trimmer. Plus, you can continue to use your multi purpose power head for what it is better suited for. IMO, multi purpose tools never do all well, compared to a tool doing a job it is designed for. Lazy! loger

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1. Please help me understand why not save a few dollars if the same identical product is cheaper at the Big Box Store?

2. Remember a Craftsman could be the unit you want since itâÂÂs a name (built by other Mfgs vs a Mfgs).

3. I admit Craftsmen/Wards items purchased in the 70s, IMO were built by major USA Mfgs but quality is the key.

Please Go Light Since Quality Is Almost History! loger

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It has been a while since I checked but Home Depot and the nearest Echo dealer had similar prices. I bought the Echo SRM210 about 3 or 4 years ago from an Echo dealer and it has done well. If you can afford the added cost, get a unit that has an easy pull start. If you buy it from a box store the Echo dealer probably will not send you away if you need a fix.

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Good Points! My easy start Echo is 5-6 years old if it's the one basically guaranteed to start on the 2nd pull?? OR! Was it a starter ratio thing or both?? Most of all, I went to the Dealer thinking I had to go there to get the best. He showed me what many of his Yard Crews used. Being a friend, he said, "Get It From Home Depot And Save A Few Dollars". No Joke! It was just a few dollars (maybe less than 10.00). I remembered thinking he has to be competitive in prices to stay in business.

I feel the Dealers make their money on higher end equipment, special items and repairs. I went there over 20 years for those special items as chain saw chain's links, carb kits and etc before they went out of business. I feel competition from other Dealers, DIYSers and OVERHEAD closed them vs Home Depot. loger

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

Then, we will have huge repair/rebuild facilities, like HD and Walmart..
Probably, the units will be shipped to China for rebuild and then shipped back here for consumption....???
I am sure that they(the powers that are) are thinking of this ...

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