Cub Cadet 1529 Deck Spindle

steve_terplakApril 12, 2010

hey guys

quick question/situation

i purchased a cub cadet 1529 at an auction with a 46" deck. I was greasing it up and went to grease the deck spindles and encountered quite a bit of resistance. So, naturally, i pumped harder which then blew grease out the side of the spindle housing - seems to be some kind of pot metal - so it put a crack in the housing

put it back together, turns very hard.

so, couple questions.

1. how easily should the blades spin w/ no belt or anything attched? should there be any resistance at all? i started taking the spindles apart because it seemed to struggle with engaging the mower...w/o full throttle it shut down.

2. is there a cheaper alternative to the cub cadet/mtd part listed? can"t find used parts and seems to be no cheap aftermarket spindles made for this particular model...very frustrating...

3. How does greasing these spindles work? are you supposed to grease until it is "full"?...everything else i've ever greased you grease until you get some grease spilling out...not these i guess.



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also the part # on the spindle that is on there is 619-04023 which is not the part # listed by cub cadet or any of the replacements...i can't find any spindles, of any brand, with that part #

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That link didn't work so here are the numbers from the CC site

1 17982 Plate, Spindle 2
2 618-04057 Spindle Assembly, Double 2

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OP... Get tractor's manual from link below. Read Pp23 for spindle lube info.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1517 Owner's manual

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Speaking from experience, these spindles are not capable of building/holding enough grease pressure to result in bursting the PTO casting.
I would be willing to bet that the spindle you speak of already had a crack in the casting and that the spindle shaft itself is bent from striking a foreign object by the previous owner.

When searching for a spindle to replace this one, beware of aftermarket parts. It's not that the aftermarket parts would not "hold up" as well as the OEM. The problem I have run into on some of the aftermarket spindles is "The aftermarket spindle "their" book calls for has different length shaft on the blade side, which would cause uneven cut if replacing just one spindle out of three.
So, be leery of ordering "sight unseen" if you are buying other than OEM part.

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