disposing potting mix

archoo16(5b, MO)April 30, 2014

I have had a container garden for a couple of years . I currently live in an apartment and have my garden in the balcony.I have ten 1 qt pots, four 4 qt pots and three 5 qt pots. And few small ones. SO a lot of soil.

I will be moving to a house with a backyard soon. How can I dispose of this soil? I dont have a backyard now. All my neighbors are also in apartment buildings. What is the standard procedure to dispose of potting soil?

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darth_weeder(z7 NY)

why not take it with you?
You can use it in pots again or just dig a hole and bury it.

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Find a friend with a garden who could use it as a soil amendment, or spread it in a neglected flower bed somewhere, or pour it all in a bag, stick a sign on it that says FREE GOOD POTTING SOIL and leave it out by the curb...all kinds of possibilities.

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johns.coastal.patio(USDA 10b, Sunset 24)

Sorry to be irreverent, but for some reason this reminds me of ..

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Get Rid of the Dirt

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

That's not much soil. Just spread it out around one of the foundation plantings of the apartment building.

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archoo16(5b, MO)

johns coastal patio, thank you for that clip. I am so going to watch that movie.

I will ask the super about spreading it in the ground.Hopefully it is not against any building rules.

I tried bagging them once in a garbage bag. They get very very heavy before I even fill 1/4th of the bag. I dread it breaking in my living room as I am hauling it.

Thank you.

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LOL on the movie clip! Great film, that.

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