Bar change on McCulloch Mac3200?

chas045(7b)July 3, 2012

I have an old reliable Mac3200 16" chain saw. Always starts easy and runs well. It is designed for a 54 link chain. Awhile back I acquired a bunch of 16" new chains from an auction and just realized that they are unfortunately just a little long for my saw. I had tried to fit one and it slid in the bar properly but I realized that the bar would not extend enough to tension it.

So: is there a reasonably easy way to remove a link or two? I am reasonably well equiped with tools. My first thought had been to see if anyone knew if slightly wider bars from certain other saws (that were made for these chains in the first place) might fit on the McCulloch. If I can remove links, that would seem to be the easier route.

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Check some of the "shorten chainsaw chain youtubs" and etc. I saw a number online as the one below that was hard to hear. This should be an easy find and east task.

Quick tips that I use with general equipment vs the better tools:

1. I grind the head off and punch out the links to break/remove (after checking close of how many to rem.
2. With the breaks, I�ll know the exact size to obtain from the supply shop to join the chain back.
3. I brad the new link in with a hammed to "0" play (not tight or loose).;qpvt=shortening+a+chainsaw+chain+youtube

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txtom50(8a texas)

I was looking at the Oregon fit up guide for your saw and they had a "Note" that said some of the older saws used a 1/4 inch pitch chain versus the current 3/8 pitch chain. Both were .050 gauge. You might check it out.

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