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loger_gwJuly 21, 2012

I am not seeing that I replied to the # numbered paragraphs +. Please look at my suggestions and reply if my suggestions are on target and add more. In this heat what else can we do? I put my experiment on hold until Monday due to the heat and my sore body.

We need to work on a mechanical arm that will pull on All Monsters. LOL! My 80 + year old friend and I did use a 1/2" electric drill to spin his Billy Goat (w/o a plug and starter) while testing it for fire. My rule is 5 pull or it's time to make some adjustments

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Have you ever hit the REFRESH button?

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loger, I'm not certain what you meant about the reply, but I certainly saw your detailed response. I was just waiting to see if anyone else had ideas.

I usually do run a wire through obvious holes but admittedly I didn't this time. I did blow air but it isn't obvious that air got through both ports. I guess I should take it off and double check the ports and perhaps actually remove that screen. I actually picked up some fuel line and I will have to learn how to remove and refeed the line. The original line is very flexable and appears to be intact but I didn't try to put pressure on it. I guess I could pull the filter and line out of the tank, replace the filter with a syringe and see if under pressure there is air (or fuel) escaping.

I much appreciate your experienced estimate of pulls before trying something else!!

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I blew the lack of seeing the reply I made since there was not a reply vs my reply (I wonder why?).

If you are sure the fuel lines are strong and air tight at all connections. I would double back to check the jets for now w/o removing the fuel line and screen vs flushing under the screen (to verify a clear passage through the adj ports. With compressed carb cleaner try to simulate seeing fuel is moving through the lines. With a primer bulb this would be easier to see while cranking and priming with clear line. W/O or with clear line and light pressure from the attached cleaner and activating the valve under the fuel screen as the Diaphragm would, you should see some fuel movement. It's time for this Monster to run or show some better results. LOL.

Without seeing it directly leaves a gap in troubleshooting/inspecting as I would. Do you have friends with 2-cycle troubleshooting skills close that would do a quick check? If it's trying to run, I feel it's a minimal problem. Due to the fact that it revved at one point I doubt it could be a compression issue. Give it a quick compression ck with a gauge or your finger. A gauge is said to read 90 - 100 psi + or you s/n be able to hold the compression in with your finger. Ck the spark arrest screen on the exhaust to know it is not badly restricted (if equipped).

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