Rose looks really bad, help please

emrogersApril 16, 2014

Hi, I noticed my rose looking very bright green compared to my other rose I have growing next to it. It just looks unhealthy and sick to me but I'm so new to gardening period that I have NO clue how to start helping it and I don't want to ignorantly start doing stuff to make it worse. I think this is a HT. I also noticed that there are no buds on it compared to my other dark leafed lush rose next to it.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Have you fed it yet? If not, get some Osmocote (continuous feed) or similar brand that has a higher nitrogen number (one of them has the numbers something like 19-5-5 or close to that; the first number--19--is the nitrogen number) and feed the rose per directions on the bottle.

Or get a fertilizer that is more "balanced"--10-10-10--or something like that.

Water in the fertilizer.

You might also check and see if the drainage is good in that spot. If it isn't, the leaves will start turning yellow and falling off.

But also remember that each rose grows at its own rate and the new growth on some roses will be very dark red, but lighter green on others. I do agree, however, that judging by the picture, it doesn't look like it is exactly thriving at the moment.

It is getting at least 6 hours sun, isn't it?

Hope that helps.


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I have only been growing roses a few years but someone suggested to me a few years ago when my roses looked the same way to give them some blood and bone meal. I think ortho makes a combo with both blood and bone meal together. The directions say work half a cup in the ground around the rose and then water well and it works wonders for my roses. They are a beautiful lush green full of buds.

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@dublinbay- I fed it early spring with some rose food from Walmart. I'm heading to lowes tomorrow to pick up something better and organic. Thanks for your feedback
@boncrow66, I have organic bone meal I'll add tomorrow. Thanks for replying!

Update, I looked at it earlier and it looks like something is eating it. It has holes in it's leaves now. I'm sad, I hope I fix whatever is wrong with it

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Best wishes that it rebounds for you!

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Is it the same kind as the one next to it? Roses can have different shades of green leaves.

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@kippy-the-hippy, I don't think so. I bought them both at Lowes last year when I first started gardening and had no clue what I was doing. Obviously. Pic below is of the other rose which I think might be a floribunda . Huge difference in both since one is looking great and the other isn't.

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I thought that first pic was a new rose plant. If you bought it last year already, then while the rose can take that kind of hard pruning, you will get faster leaves and blooms if you didn't prune as much.

It also looks like you did the same kind of pruning to your other rose. Since you yourself have confirmed that they are different types, then I would attribute the growth differences to the 2 kinds of roses, which will grow at different rates.

The rose food, Osmocote food, and the bone meal and blood meal and other granules or liquid feed you see all are fertilizer for the rose or garden plants (we'll ignore the parts about instant or timed feeding for now). It just has different concentrations of the desired items for different effects. In general for flowering plants, you want to develop roots, leaves, and flowers at different times of the plant's life. Or let's say you want to develop all of them but by choosing fertilizers with a certain number, you are intending to focus on that aspect more.

I just wanted to mention this so that you don't think you need 10 different kinds of foods just for your garden or roses.

Add pics of the leaves that are being eaten and someone can probably tell what it is.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Just so there is no misunderstanding, blood meal supplies nitrogen. That is one way to up the nitrogen. The other way is what I suggested: buy a fertilizer like Osmocote that lists the nitrogen as 19--that is a high nitrogen feed. Either way may help green up that plant.


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Ok, so after doing what you guys have suggested with the bone meal and I added some Epson salt as well, I have noticed it may be a tad bit bushier but also have noticed something else is wrong. One, the leaves look like something is eating it and two it looks like black spot. I noticed my other rose also has it but a very very mild case of it and it's doing wonderful other than a few leaves that look like BS too. How do I fix this organically? Or is this impossible?
Thank you again

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I do not know of any organic way to treat blackspot. The most effective treatment of it, in my opinion, is spraying the fungicide Bayer Garden Disease Control for Roses, Flowers, and Shrubs (make sure you buy that name--not one of the other Bayer products). Follow directions carefully and spray only when there is little or no wind. You would need to buy a container with a spray unit attached and mix up (like half a gallon or a gallon). This Bayer product in only available at a Lowes store or online, by the way.

However, if you only have two roses, that would be a lot of Bayer spray, so what you might try instead is a spray bottle of pre-mixed Daconil which is available at Wal-Mart or Home Depot and such places. Daconil is not my favorite spray, but at least you wouldn't have a whole bunch left over afterwards that you needed to dispose of somehow.

You can try any of the various "organic" recipes floating around the internet, but most people end up concluding they don't help much at all.

Good luck.


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alameda/zone 8

When I have a rose or daylily [or other plant] that has a light green tint to it, I mix up a powdered iron supplement [cant recall the name of it now, but can probably get it at Lowes] with water, and water the plant well. It doesn't take long for it to green up and usually only takes one treatment.

For holes in leaves, it could be june bugs [I killed one munching on a rose last night] or catapillars [they defoliated a rose completely - I sprayed and it has grown back its foliage]. For that, I spray with Safer insect spray - comes in spray bottle at Walmart.

For blackspot, I have read that spraying every 3-4 days for 4 times with Mancozeb, then start the Bayer spray program. I understand and appreciate those who don't wish to spray, but I do spray - not on a regular basis due to being busy with other things, but I am trying to get on a regular schedule. In my area, don't have to do it much after it gets hot.

I have horses, so have lots of mature compost. I have found one of the best fertilizers I can use is to put several shovelfuls of this rotted compost on my roses. I have seen it, with time, bring them into peak performance. If you know anyone with a farm or stable, you might check into getting some. I am going to topdress more of mine today. As it rains or when you water, it leaks the nutrients down to the roots. I have a Golden Celebration that has limped along for several years. Last fall I dumped a bunch of compost on it - it is now bigger and totally full of buds, more than it has had in the years it has been in the ground. I try to topdress all my flower beds spring and fall with a 2" layer of it - and my soil in those beds is wonderful.

Good luck! Your rose looks like it wants to grow.

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@dublinbay thank you for your help
Judith, thanks as well and you're right it really is trying to grow. I will stop by Walmart or Lowe's tonight to pick up some stuff to spray it with. I'll also see if I can find someone with some type of manure I can take off they're hands.

At what point do people decide to pull up a rose and discard? This is the last thing I want to do only because I remember how beautiful it was it's very first year when it bloomed. :( I'm really hoping that some babying with help it along.

Thank you guys!

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seil zone 6b MI

It's a young rose and not yet fully mature. And not all roses grow and mature at the same rate. If it's a different variety from your other rose it may never grow or look the same. Not all roses have dark green leaves. Just like kids, they all develop differently.

It has some black spot but that may be due to it's immaturity and the fact that it's still at ground level where there are plenty of spores to infect the leaves. If you liked the rose last year I'd give it more time before I'd ditch it.

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