Help ID pressure washer engine

mownie(7)July 31, 2014

I have a Generac brand pressure washer that I need to identify the Briggs engine.
It is missing the Briggs ID decal so it is not as simple as you think.
The Generac website is no help either as when I load the pressure washer model number, or the serial number, the Generac website says the model number is not found.
I have tried the model number as it is shown as 01292-2 and have also tried just 1292-2 and neither of those work at the Generac website.
I tried loading the serial number and it brings up a completely different pressure washer.
I am hoping that someone knows what the Briggs engine model and type numbers were on this washer when it was built.
The Generac model number is 01292-2 and the serial number is 7310017.
All I can find looking on the engine is that it is an Intek 190 and the EPA decal lists it as engine family YBSXS2051 HF.
I am going to guess the washer was built around 2002 and I bought it at Home Depot.
The Generac owner's manual only says to refer to the enclosed engine OEM manual for engine maintenance.
Well, the enclosed Briggs manual is just a broad coverage booklet about oil change and stuff and covers an array of Intek engines instead of the specific engie on this pressure washer.Anybody have any ideas about getting the positive ID on this engine?
I need to buy a replacement fuel tank for it because the one on it has just cracked open. The tank is made of some kind of plastic or resin.

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Using the emissions number, I found reference to a-
126402 0161 E1

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Thanks Bill. Have I told you lately that I love you?
That's an old song. You should remember it as well as I.
Apparently you nailed it for me and I have part # 694260 en route. :^)

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Part # has been superseded to 7310017.I hope that reflects a change in quality so the tank does not just split open.

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How much is that doggie in the window?

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The one with the waggley tail.
This doggie cost me $72 and some change to get it to my front door.

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