I Think, I finally figured my sprayer's wand has one âO Ringâ

loger_gwJuly 9, 2013

1. I Think, I finally figured my sprayer's wand has one âÂÂO Ringâ to replace to stop a recent leak after 20+ years (back pressure past the old worn âÂÂO RingâÂÂ). I had to study the chemicalâÂÂs travel and Bingo! ItâÂÂs used 1-2 times a growing season to help control unwanted grass and weeds. With the added (soldered in copper) extension, I can stand tall and reach to âÂÂWic The WeedsâÂÂ.

2. I was almost on this horn for help before now. I know someone has seen and solved this problem. I always try to do my homework first toward learning/solving then share.

3. Please share your opinion on this one âÂÂO Ringâ should control leakage at this wandâÂÂs valve??? IâÂÂll test with compressed air and soap, then water. I can see another repair coming but feel I have some years if I use half the rotted end. I do have a safety valve since this wand is used on a stainless (water type) Fire Extinguisher that has its handle/valve. IâÂÂm using 50 psi of air or less in the 100 psi rated tank (at least. The handle valve could serve the wandâÂÂs only valve if needed but w/n be as handy.


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I pull the O-Ring that had little resistance but d/n have a replacement in my assortment. A special trip to our close auto stores or Home Dpot was out of the question today.

Re assembling I felt good resistance on the water proof greased O-Ring but remembered I saw slack and could rotate the O-Ring on the stem. Anyway, I remover the hose off the compressed nozzle and added it to the assembled wand. The wand c/n handle the pressure period even though it was more than the 50 psi and approx 100 psi.

I felt the O-Ring was allowing pressure to pass under it. I had soapy water to check the valve but d/n need it due to hearing it low. The strange and loud leak came from the end of the wand that the valve c/n stop but opening it would get slightly louder.

ItâÂÂs, Hello Handle valve experiment after I try 1-2 New O-Rings. I feel the key is a stretch fit on the stem that w/n rotate and a compressed fit inside the valve body.

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Two Follow-Ups:

Handy Folks!
A Good Productive 11AM - 2PM Repairing/Testing A SprayerâÂÂs Wand and Adding A Longer Trimmer Shaft. In the much needed Slow Soaking Rain, this was an ideal time to get the two chores off my list (since I can not cut the 2 wk old grass).

1. The Sprayer was repaired with an O-Ring and improved with a control valve allowing low psi. The low psi allowed the old and new O-Ring to work at low and high psi. The low psi control will give a fast dribble just before a spray vs a spray. A fast dribble is a better controlling factor and IâÂÂll expect to use less chemical (8 -16 oz a year).

  1. Adding the long shaft to the trimmer will be appreciated by my back. I added a push button kill switch since the trimmer w/n run with the present kill switch connected in the On or Off position.

ItâÂÂs No End But Make Some Progress!!
PS. This is good Computer Repair, Upgrade, File Clean-Up Weather but more stress and less fun.

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