Can you recommend a tiller?

jseamlessJuly 6, 2010

I need to break soil in a clearing in the woods. The size is 80Â x 70Â. It is a bit of a remote area and there are some weeds I need to till over. I have sprayed the area with roundup.

I am assuming a rear tine tiller would work well. I only need to dig a couple inches below the surface. I am concerned weeds may choke the tines.

What size and type of machine do you recommend I rent for this project?


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If this is a one-time deal, then go rent a rear-tine tiller and get the job done with a minimal outlay. If you've already hit it with Round-up, then let the Round-up do its job to kill all the vegetation. Then take a lawn or garden tractor in there with the deck up as high as it will go and cut everything down to that height on the first pass.

Drop the deck down lower on subsequent passes until you have the entire growth hacked to tiny bits. Then, go get the tiller from the rental place and set the depth control for the two inches you wish to chew up. Long weeds wrapped around the tine shaft won't be a problem if you go this route.

Soil conditions will determine how much time it will take you. Check the rental stores. Find a BCS tiller to rent if you can. Breaking new ground is the toughest job for any tiller so you want something that can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. GET THE STORE TO SHOW YOU HOW TO RUN IT AND SET IT UP.

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I agree with Kompressor, mow it down and rent a BCS tiller. A really good rental place will have a mower for the BCS and you can kill 2 birds with one stone. The best rental places have the largest, most capable 800 series machines, most will only have a 710 or 712, but a 710 is better than anything else out there. If you let the weeds get crispy, you can skip the mowing as the plants will disintegrate when hit with the high tine speed of a BCS.

A bit of advice on running a tiller - don't fight it. Most people who don't have any experience running a tiller naturally want to tense up and hold back the machine when it hits a rock or a hard spot and starts to lurch forward. You'll only get injured if you fight it. When it starts to lurch forward, take its teeth out by simply lifting the tiller out of the ground. You can always go back and hit that spot again.

Good luck!

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I appreciate the info here. I checked BCS and they don't have any dealers in Texas other than 1 hour from Houston. Do you know of any rental companies that typically carry these?

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