Pressure Washer shoots water out of soap injector!

jpoprock(5)July 9, 2011

Hey guys! Thanks to the advice I read here, I was able to fix my Karcher 2300psi power sprayer myself! It lost it's pressure, so I took it apart, cleaned and greased everything with White Grease, put it back together and it works like a champ!

However, I found a spring on my garage floor and remembered that when you pull the valve out from that thing with the black cover over it (the thing that most people have to turn the sprayer on to get the valve out), to be careful not to lose that spring. Well, I didn't notice that I had lost track of it and reassembled the unit without it. It worked great, but wouldn't draw soap. I didn't need soap at that time, so I continued the job.

But now I need soap, so I put the spring back in. Started it up and water shot out of the soap feed like a mad demon! Boy what a surprise that was! A high pressure hose spraying water out the diameter of a pencil! LOL. If only someone had been video taping, I'd be on AFV! Anyway, when I squeeze the trigger, the soap gets drawn thru the sprayer. When I stop, water blasts out. It also will blast out if I engage the pressure wash by twisting the nozzle to the right. Very strange.

My Karcher is not listed at this site for some reason. My dad bought it at Menards or Sam's Club. It's put together exactly like this model though:

The G2500LH or PH are nearly identical, so either one will work.

I know it has to be simple, but I really don't know where to start. I'm thinking that a valve is stuck, or I installed it backwards? For the record, the valve that's inside the plastic housing (the one w/ the cover over it and is attached with two screws)... that's where my spring went. It's on page 2.2 of that schematic and is part #1 A. BUT, I never did remove the valve inside of that (Part #8 A). Should I check that valve? I'm thinking that my problem has something to do with that. I could't get it out with needle nose vice grips, and would have to turn the machine on to get it fire out. But it looks as though it's supposed to turn? I don't know. The white cap and valve that goes over it looks like it seats in there in a way where it sorta locks. I'm pretty sure it's in there right though.



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I discovered the problem! The injector spring and ball is missing. I guess I had better check the garage floor for it, or perhaps order a new one. until then, I'll have to do some "Stunt spraying" to control that injector hose!

I'm sure I'll have to order it, but it would nice if Sears stocked it.


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