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knight63July 11, 2010

Hello, I am looking to get a garden seeder, but I'm not realy sure what kind to get. The Precision seeder is the one that comes up most often. I've read reviews on it and about half of the people think its good and the other half think its bad, so I don't know what to decide. I have also looked at the old fashioned stab corn planters. Has anyone had expeirience with these? Are the precision seeders any good? Thanks

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It depends on what you'll use it for and how much you'll use it. The stabber is ok but after a few long rows you might wish you had something else. The precision has the option of planting different sized seeds.

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I have an Earthway which we've used for over 8 years and are very happy with it. I recently noticed that the price is $99.99 so it's a bit pricey. However, it does an excellent job. You have control over depth, width of rows, by virtue of the "marker."

$100 will buy a lot of produce when everyone's garden comes in, however if you're into gardening it's well worth it.

Disadvantage is that with small seeds, like lettuce, you might have to buy several packets of seeds to fill the hopper to the point that the "dipper/feed wheel" can dip in and deliver seeds to the chute for planting.

DO NOT buy the fertilize attachment as it doesn't work at the same time as you're planting seeds, separate operation altogether.

The basic unit comes with enough wheels for different sized seeds to satisfy everything we've planted. Some creativity may be needed.... :-) An optional set of additonal wheels is offered, we haven't needed them.

good luck,


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Thanks for your advice. I have a gift card to a place that sells earthway seeders, so maybe ill try one out.

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