Will a 2 cycle engine run if the exhaust is 100% blocked?

loger_gwJuly 20, 2011

Will a 2 cycle engine run if the exhaust is 100% blocked? My answer would be no but I had one I thought was 100% blocked (from appearance, feel, sound) that would run (Echo SRM-210 trimmer).

1. It would start easy, idle and run at low rpm. Naturally it had no high rpm or power.

2. The spark arrester was blocked 90% with very little light showing through it. The cover above the spark arrester was blocked solid with no light visible though it and a Bear To Clean (after soaking it in B-12 carb cleaner).

3. I feel some exhaust had to be coming out that I c/n see or feel. loger

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They won't rev up when the spark arrestor is blocked. No, they can't run without exhausting.

The easiest way to clean the spark arrestor is to throw it away. The next best way is to heat it red hot with a propane torch, or even a good lighter. The resulting ash will easily fall off.

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How do you explain a combustion engine running w/o exhausting? Will the gases go back into the crankcase past the rings and then where?

The use of heat on the spark arrestor is 100% faster and cheaper even if they are free. LOL. That made my day on the recent 2nd blocked arrestor. Just as good was the design for the arrestor to slide out vs bolts once the muffler guard/starter was removed. Just 4 bolts on the Poulan Pro Link Mod # PPB335, 33cc. Thanks! loger

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