Which of these Troy-Bilt tillers is best? Your opinion please.

mcnattypJuly 17, 2009



Troybuilt 24"roto tiller 5hp.excellant condition.starts easy.

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natjwest/sets/72157621597042770/

For that tiller, I can't figure out the model. It says 24 inch width, but by my research, Troy-Bilt has never made one that wide. And the pictures show an older B&S engine, not the new crap Intek, but I'm still not too excited about B&S.


Troybilt Rototiller, Pony - $395

Troybilt Pony Rototiller in excellent condition.

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natjwest/sets/72157621597060082/

Looks like a standard Pony, standard price.


Troy Built Tiller-7 H.P.Kohler Motor Runs Great - $600

This is a Troy Built Tiller with forward and reverse,High and Low speeds, 7 HP Kohler Motor, fires right up, the Best Tiller for the job........newer tires,doesnt leak or use oil,Runs Great,

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natjwest/sets/72157621597068408/

Much older than the previous two, but it looks like I'm getting into the "real tiller" category. I've heard good things about the Kohler, and this would appear to be a Horse. The mention of "newer tires" probably means it's seen a lot of days, so the tines may be worn enough to need replacing. Finally, I don't like that price too much.


Troy Bilt Rototiller - $450

This is a Troy Bilt Horse tiller that has a good running 7hp. Kohler motor.$450. Cash!

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natjwest/sets/72157621471536035/

This one looks like the oldest, but cheaper than the previous one, again with the good Kohler engine.

Which of these looks the best? I'm primarily using it for continued cultivation of a 5000 sq foot garden, and occasionally some new ground breaking.

Or should I hold out for a Honda or BCS?

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I chose the Merry Tiller International model with the Honda engine based primarily on its ability to till deeper, and the versatility of its available tines and plows. I used the very similar Merry Tiller Exporter model several decades ago, and was impressed with its ability to till over 16 inches deep in my soil. That was almost equivalent to double-digging with a spade. Most rear-tined tillers are hard put to till 6 inches deep, and respond very badly to encounters with rocks or big roots in the soil.


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Thanks ZM, but I'm only looking for feedback on the models I mentioned.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

The one for 600 because new tires and bumber that cost at least as much as different in 2 tillers 150.

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I tried both the Horse and the Pony and was very disappointed with both. I've been a bit spoiled using a friend's BCS and now will have to wait for one of them to come up used.

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For 5,000 square feet - a super-large garden - I would go with one of the Horse models. I'd go have a look at each of them and take whichever one struck me as the better machine. Kohler is excellent about supporting their older engines, and you can get parts for either one. I have a 22-year-old Horse (Kohler), and it still gets the job done; however, I use it only twice a year: springtime preparation, and fall cleanup. I use a small Honda for cultivation.

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Yea, if you want a workout you could just buy a front tine tiller. Who needs a bowflex lol? Stick with the rear tines you are looking at, thatÂs way too much area to till.

Kohler makes a good motor, my grandmother passed 18 years ago and her tiller is still going strongÂBTW she bought it used, and used it from spring till frost.

Whatever model you choose check the seals for leaking oil. Check the tines for cracked or bent tines. The tines can be sharpened, but if they are too far gone the tempering will be ground off. Start it and put it in gear and listen for any odd grinding noises or anything else peculiar.

And last but not least, as with any CraigÂs list purchase, Take your time and do not be rushed to "buy before the other guy shows up", And if you have a bad felling about it Âwalk away.

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