Knowing Older 4-Cycle Trimmers from a glance

loger_gwJuly 17, 2012

Knowing Older 4-Cycle Trimmers from a glance without the owner's manual is not that easy. I helped a fellow on his trimmer that he wanted to trash for a new trimmer. He mentioned it starts w/o problems but soon dies and that it leak fuel. I suggested that we check for the leak that could be allowing it to suck air vs fuel. Both lines entering the tank had no seal. We solved that with better sealing lines, which led to the question of what oil mix ratio to use.

He said, "I add this 8 oz bottle to a gallon", I knew the 10 year old trimmer was to young for 16:1. I said it should be on the cap, which showed a fuel pump vs, a ratio. Plus, I am remembering I just saw the recessed filler area on a 4-Cycle Troy Bilt vs this Homelite. The Troy Bilt did have a plug on the recessed plate and instructions to fill showing it laying level until the oil starts to run out vs the Homelite having no plug.

At this point, I told him to call the 800 # tomorrow or search the model # for info (yesterday). Since he wanted to drop it on me at 8 PM. Plus, pull the recess plate that d/n have a plug and check it for oil (since he had used it 10 years). If you have a pic or link of the old style recessed plate with or w/o the oil plug please share. I c/n find either during my search. It will be interesting to know from his 800 # call or model search to know if it is 2 or 4-Cycle. I feel we were missing some info on the trimmer (late and tired) but this shows the need of documentation (a manual or Etc.).

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Hmm, 4-cycle??? 4 stroke vs. two stroke Vs two cycle??? anyway I figure you miss typed 4 (mixing gas in second para. and should of been 2 or cycle should of been stroke.???? either way I give my 2 cents on identifing 2 cycles from 4 cycles??? Which you probably know already and if I read the second and thrid para. correctly has to do with mixing ratio's for 2 cycles/strokes engine?

I usually look for oil filled crank case. if it has crankcase and fill/drain plug most likely it's four stroke. Most all 4 stokes trimmer style engines that I have seen are overhead valve designs also which will also have cover on the head to adjust the valves.

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Thanks for the reply.

"A four-stroke engine, also known as four-cycle, is an internal combustion engine in which the piston completes four separate strokes - intake, compression, power, and exhaust"

I had always thought the terminology was the same. Most of all, I am with you on both your identities:

1. "fill/drain plug most likely it's four stroke".

2. "overhead valve designs also which will also have cover on the head to adjust the valves."

The lack of a ratio mix posted and the recessed plate where I have seen a combo drain/filler plugs and some dip sticks leads to possibly a transition "pre four cycle". Again the owner�s follow-up info should be interesting.

There are so many trashed 2 cycle trimmers it is sickening. I have always said the average person d/n have the patience for the 2 cycles. Sick vs bad Chainsaws are trashed but not as bad as the trimmers.

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I finally received a follow-up today: The 800 # verified the trimmer was a 2-cycle and 50:1 mix was verified on-line. No oil check-drain-fill plug basically dictated 2-cycle and 50:1 mix sounds correct. The oil mix ratio not on the trimmer made it confusing. The gas cap did show a gas pump symbol. This week I saw a gas cap that showed the pump symbol and + which dictated 2-cycle to me. I'll follow up on missing the plus on the other cap.

The link below will show a youtube of changing the oil in a 4-cycle trimmer that appeared as this one w/o the plug in the plate. I'll try to attach this 4-cycle as an attachment also. The trimmer was reported as running better but not the best. Since we d/n examine the carb internally and mainly the fuel screen after 10 plus years it could easily need cleaning or etc. I�ll suggest: 1. Checking the spark arrest if it has the fine screen, mainly due to the 16:1 mix he was running. 2. 1 oz of carb cleaner in a fresh tank of fuel not to mention the carb has not been tuned. The fun turns into work when too many friends show-up w/o during my chores and w/n send follow-up info or pics. Too Much Of Their Time!! LOL

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