replace drive belt on Troybilt Bronco tiller

ristau5741(6)July 8, 2009

can anyone provide instructions or a link on how to replace a drive belt for a fairly new (3-5 yrs old) Troybilt Bronco?

from looking at the tiller, looks like it should be fairly simple.

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Yes, i believe the process for one belt is self-explanatory! You should try the two-belt models!

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Here's what I did:

remove/loosen belt guides,
remove belts from pullies,
it'll look like the engine could easily come off,
unmount and remove the engine,
remove the bolt attaching the flywheel to the transmission
on the front.
slide off the flywheel, replace belts.
bolt the flywheel back on to the transmission
remount engine ( make sure that the flywheel and upper pullies line up, then bolt the engine back down
put the belts over the upper pullies,
put the guides back on. readjust the engage cable

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i dont understand the instructions. I have a 2004 Troybilt bronco tiller and replacing the belts is rather easy without removing the engine. did i do something wrong

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If it worked after you installed the new belts--i'd say you did it right. I had one here, and i had no trouble with replacing the belts. Ya just have to be tricky!
Thats why my nick-name is Tricky Jim!
A little bit of sitting on a box, or a stool, and really thinking it out, will be a great help to the novice mechanic! RJ

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