I am so tempted . . .

bonny46(6)April 24, 2014

Today at Lowe's I saw BIG, beautiful Lady Diana and Angel Face roses in pots (look to be two-year-old plants) for only $10.95 each. I am in NJ zone 6. I have heard Angel Face is black-spot prone, but her color and scent are amazing. I really don't know anything about Lady Diana, but she gets good online reviews. Should I get both, one, or neither? Anyone with experience in my zone with these roses?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

I would stay clear of Angel Face. I killed 3. I don't think it is a good rose here.

I don't know Lady Diana, and had never heard of it, I had to look on helpmefind.com. It is NOT the same rose as "Diana, Princess of Wales". Looks like any other hybrid tea, but I know nothing of growth habit.

Both will be grafted on Dr. Huey rootstock. Both will require a regular fungicide treatment.

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seil zone 6b MI

Angel Face has a beautiful fragrant bloom but it is a disease magnet almost everywhere! If you can live with it being spotted or leafless a lot of the time or if you intend to spray regularly go for it. It's a wintering champ too.

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Angel face is a dream in my area.
Even if it wasn't though I might still pamper the heck out of it.
I'm a sucker for the blooms.
The fragrance is also divine. But honestly I have 4 other mauve roses with nearly identical fragrances.
So maybe go with something less disease prone, but in the same colour and fragrance category.

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Lowe's should probably have them on sale in a week or two.

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charleney(8a PNW)

What Seil said!! I would not give it garden space here! (angel face, that is)

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Thanks to everyone for your input. I will pass on both of them. I know it's not a bargain if Diana doesn't overwinter and if Angel Face drops all her leaves (which I wouldn't be able to look past). I wish they had the same deal on some roses that would be hardy and happy in my zone. Not sure why they bother carrying them here.

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I got Lady Diana way back when it first came out--Chamblee's stocked it. They often carried unusual & florist type roses.

Have no idea if it would be appropriate for your zone. My old zone back then was hot, humid coastal zone 9. A no-spray garden.

It had perfect, high centered, pure light pink blooms on long straight stems that kept their tight scroll for a long time. Not a strong fragrance, but a definite sweet smell. I thought it was very beautiful, but it is certainly a modern type HT in form. I don't recall it being particularly disease prone. I grew it in a 10 gallon pot in an area with some high shade from mature trees.

I'd pick another up if the local Lowe's stocks it.

I have never had an Angel Face survive more than a couple of years. I love its color, fragrance & ruffled petals, just can't grow it, at least the budded plants I've picked up locally, in two different zones (humid zn 9 & desert 8) But seen some lovely photos of healthy plants posted here

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Home Depot has Chicago Peace and Pink Peace on sale 2 for $12 right now. Mom would like a rose that has big HT style blooms. And I know where I would put them. Only I have a rose I need to move because she gets over looked due to being too short for the location. Only I don't know where to put her. Guess I will have to think on this awhile

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I just returned to Lowes to see if they got anything new in, and I scored two beautiful icebergs instead of the Angel Face and Lady Diana. I feel really good about the purchase. These plants are in such great condition. They look really healthy with great foliage and full of buds. Thick canes also for only $10.95 each.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)


I talked myself out of the peace pair. But thought I would go and look for seedlings or seeds for some beautiful deep purple columbines like I had seen at Descanso Gardens.

I came home with 2 roses instead....lol A house eating double white Lady Banks who was tapping me on the shoulder from the back seat. She was waving at me at the nursery with a few canes double the size of the stake. I want a privacy screen in a shady spot so she made it home.

Then I stopped at a different nursery looking at drought tolerant plants and what did I find.......Mutabilis, another big rose. Both came home for $10.95 too

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diane_nj 6b/7a

The issue with Lady Diana wouldn't be hardiness, it would be black spot. Good luck with Iceberg. For some in NJ , it is relatively clean, but it wasn't for me. Sorry, it is tough to find disease resistant roses locally except for the Knock Out series, unless you can find one if the "OSO Easy" varieties.

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view1ny NY 6-7

Kippy, you made me laugh with the image of Lady Banks tapping you on the shoulder. She was probably thanking you for rescuing her & taking her home!

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Angel Face is wonderful here in SoCal but it was not vigorous or hardy enough for Z6b CT. Almost everything would get denuded by BS back in CT so the answer for me was to spray at least every other week with BannerMaxx. Iceberg also gets BS but it is amazingly vigorous and way hardy enough for your zone. Its' biggest advantage here in SoCal is that it stands up to heat and dry conditions so you see it everywhere here. I think it must be the state flower of California.

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For that price if you like the rose, I would get it and plant in in a big pot with other "annuals" and enjoy it for the season.

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