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petehoukJuly 13, 2008

Hi. I am trying to find a decent sidewalk edger. I prefer not to use power tools, so I am looking for the old style wheel-on-a-stick type of edger, like this one:

I have a nice Craftsman edger from another era, but the teeth on the blade have worn down and I can't get a replacement blade. I bought a replacement Craftsman edger but it broke before I finished edging one time.

I tried Ace and True Value, but the only edgers they have look *a lot* like the one I got from Sears, right down to the word "CHINA" embossed on the metal frame.

Does anyone have a rotary edger that they have purchased recently and had good luck with? (Thanks, but I don't need feedback on electric and gasoline powered models.)



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I haven't seen one of those since I was a kid, didn't know they still made them.

I can't help you locate a well made wheel edger but the half-moon step on type work OK when you get the rhythm going. You have to get the right song to sing while stepping, prying then pulling.

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I guess I hadn't considered the step-on type. They have the advantage of moving parts to wear or break.

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I have the one you posted the link to. Bought it like four years ago at Lowes I think and only used it a few times. Mainly, because I wanted it for edging a flower bed in the yard, not a sidewalk and seemed to be too much effort. Best tool I've found for the job is a shovel. But, check Lowes for that single wheel type.

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I checked Lowe's website and didn't see one, but found this:

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That Flexrake sounds like the way to go. I am going to try one as soon as I get my $15 back for that Craftsman piece of junk!

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Glad to find this subject on a forum! I have a slightly different question on the same subject. I grew up using a Rotary edger, so now that I have my own lawn, I thought I might get one again.

My lovely bride bought me a single wheeled rotary edger for Christmas, with the proviso that I could opt for the two wheeled variety. (That one costs roughly ten dollars more.)

My question is this: Is there an advantage to the two wheeled variety and if so, what is the upside? I don't have a huge lawn/sidewalk area, so a single pass probably would be sufficient. I don't want to start using a single wheel only to find out I should have gone for the double... and now can't return the "used" one.

Any advice you can offer?

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

An idea, if, like me you have over 150 of edging to do, used a weed and grass killer at the edges.
Then as step two, use a hand unit right after a good rain.
This requires planning and some weather cooperation..
Another idea - till the edge area, use landscape fabric and plant alisium(sp?) as a border/ground cover.
For more half-baked ideas...............

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I hAve a old hand rotary edger. It is a Ayers Edger. Made and patanted by George E. Ayers. It also has a date of 1902 on the handle. I don't have any use for it. Email me and let met know something.

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Derick, I feel the two wheels gives you better traction, balance or stability on the concrete or hard surfaces. I have owned two for touching-up vs serious trimming. Personally, I would hate to use one wheel. loger

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