Troy Bilt WorkHorse Tiller 8hp 319cc

datboycmoneyJuly 30, 2010

I have a Troy Bilt WorkHorse Tiller it's an 8hp 319cc Briggs and Stratton motor on the tiller.

My model number is 195432 type 0291-01 code 84072512.

The problem I am having is the unit will crank just fine with no problems, it will idle fine as well. When I go to till my garden, it runs for about 60-80 feet tilling and then it'll just shut off. It will crank back up no problem, so I'm led to believe that it's not the coil breaking down or getting hot.

I have some suspicion that I"m missing a rod or two on the carburater system, and think there is a problem in the linkage of the governor and accelerator system as well. I may order the governor control plate, choke link, and the govenor control rod.

Before I order the parts, I just wanted some advice on this problem, on the backside of the governor control plate, there's only 1 linkage rod connected from the accelerator cable hook up, to the carberator it's self and was thinking that there's another linkage that is missing on the backside of that plate because there's a hook up for one but the rod seems to be misssing.

If anybody has some information for me on this, please feel free to inform me of the situation and some helpful tips on how to solve my problem, if I need to buy the parts, then that would be great to know as well I have parts numbers already to order, just want to make sure that this is my problem. Thank you in advance for the assistance.

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It sounds like a fuel starvation problem to me. Not a governor issue.

Could be a gas cap that has a blocked vent, or a fuel filter partially blocked. I don't think you'd get 60 feet with a blocked main jet. Maybe an old spongy gas line.

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Thanks baymee, I have changed the fuel line and filter already and still had the same problem, so basically you're suggesting that I should check the gas caps vent to see if it's blocked up.... And yes I can make it about 60-80 feet before it shuts off and then crank it right back up and do the same distance over again. I'll check the cap and hopefully that will solve it.

If anybody else has any suggestions or advice on what to try, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Oh, and I know there is to be 2 rods on the back of the governor plate and 1 of them is missing, I looked at a 12HP similar to mine and it shows that I am missing a rod, I just don't know which one.

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