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jmidJuly 20, 2010

I was given a low hour, 10 year old, CH PW205002LE 6.5 HP gas vertical shaft 2000 PSI/2.5 GPM pressure washer with a Lavor pump. It did not work - no pressure. I found a broken o-ring on the brass unloader valve and replaced it with a ring as close in size as I could find as the part break down doesn't state size.

Everything was very clean. I coated everything with silicine grease and reassembled, seating the brass piston? as deep as it would go.

I had to press the trigger in order to get the motor to turn over. Wow, great pressure - for about a minute, then something seemed to slip and back to no pressure.

Upon disassembly, I found no problem, but I knew the pump would make pressure, so figured the problem must be with the unloader, PN: PM040100AV. I tried a different o-ring as it looked a bit large, slightly loose, and I wondered if the piston wasn't sticking closed initially, then would allow water to bypass.

So, I shimmed the spring about 1/8". The threads on the plastic cap were worn. I had to pull the trigger again to start the engine, and again had pressure. I wondered what would happen when I released the trigger. I soon found out. It blew the unloader cap (PM035150SV)out, along with unloader parts. OOPS, too much shim?

Anyway, I found all of the parts EXCEPT the brass cylinder/piston/retainer. It must have hit something and flown somewhere. Now I'm screwed.

The Unloader kit PM041390SV is no longer available. Now what? I really hate to throw a perfectly good low hour pump away. Hmmm, there is an unloader kit listed for a 1750 PSI pump. I wonder if only the spring is different?

At any rate, if anyone knows where; 1. I can get the unloader kit PM041390SV, or possibly PM041380SV.

2. Another more specific forum or parts source.

3. tips etc. please let me know. I'm gonna go rake the yard now and hope I find it. I'm hoping a dealer may have NOS (new old stock) on the shelf somewhere.

BTW, there are replacement pumps listed on ebay for 80 bucks plus 20 shipping and another 10 for a thermal kit. Anyone had any experience with these pumps? I read something on one of the pressure washer pump sites saying OEM pumps on cheaper units only last 30-50 hours and engines 300 hours. I question this. The ebay pump seller says his pump should last 150 hours and that the biggest reason for pump failure is the way they are stored or not triggering withing 2 minutes of trigger release, or running with no water pressure. I sure hate to throw away a good pump though. The guy that gave it to me said this one had more pressure than his new higher pressure unit.



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Harbor Freight had complete pressure washers, gasoline powered, for sale, for less than the cost of a replacement pump!

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