looking for a good hoe (that stays intact)

bbjax(9)July 23, 2011

My sister and I were talking about what a hard time we have had finding a good hoe that doesn't fall apart. Mine just bit the dust (Ace Hardware), she has one with a lifetime guarantee from OSH - she just replaces it from time to time and she has another from Lehmans (same problem, twisting blade). I am looking for a warren and she just wants something that will stand up to the work in her garden. My garden is small, hers is big. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

bebe in zone 9

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The last hoe you will ever need:


They also have ridging hoes - which are Warren hoes on steroids.

I have 1 from them, 2 Mexican forged that are similar and a Thai made Chillington like this one;


which I found at a Chinese grocery store.

20 some years, one broken handle on all four. The very nice thing is the heft and the long handle, that allows for a more natural hoeing position. They are pricey - about 2 times what you pay for top of the line at ACO.

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IMO Do you leave them out in the weather? handles usually work loose. drill hole put screw in or bolt it. Wear? over time they wear out. China couldn't do anything technical(casting and forging metal) till after the 30's when somebody wanted slave labor and taught them how to forge metal. The rest is what we have today blue collar jobs are gone do to 50 cent hour labor and CEO's shipping our jobs overseas and getting 100 million dollar bonus yearly, kickbacks to lobbists which feeds the real cheaters the Honorable congress off the backs of poor china workers. Just look at the wind mill project in NV? I think there wage maybe up to 1.25 now and we wonder why there are no jobs in the USA? do you see anybody over here working for $1.25 hour when they can get 6.50 hour doing nothing from the government? Course this is all my opinion which I am usually wrong.

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