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danthenewbApril 26, 2014

I have tested my soil the last three years if you need prior years please let me know here is my current test info. Please explain it to me. P=154 k=127 mg=428 CA=4816 sulfur =36 b=3.5 zn=11.9 mn=378 feel=296 cut=3.3 cec is 15.2 ph=7.2 3 years ago it was 5.8

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

You should be able to ask the test lab what that means for your soil.

That said, I also suggest you first review the report you received from the lab because some labs automatically include recommendations with the report. Many people miss the info on first glance.

Other labs will provide recommendations on request or for a modest fee.

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They recommended 100 pounds of nitrogen per acre and 80# p 180pounds k. No recommendation to change the ph

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The optimal soil pH for most all plants is in the 6.0 to 6.8 range and 7.2 is not all that far off which is why there was nor recommendation to attempt to change it.
The amounts of N, P, and K recommended are really minimal, think of trying to evenly spread that small amount of material over 43,000 square feet since that amounts to about 1/8 pound per square foot.
Lacking from the information is the amount of organic matter that soil has. You want the OM, humus, to be in the 6 to 8 percent range.

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100 lbs of N is many tons of compost, for example. Which would gain the K as well. Chances are the OP is not gardening an acre.

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Are you adding lime? That would make the pH go up over time. If you are, don't add lime for a few years and see what happens to the pH.

A decent quality soil report will give optimal ranges for each nutrient so you can see whether yours are too low, too high or just right. I'm surprised they aren't doing this.

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