Husqvarna 2042 deck problems

pdlnoleApril 23, 2013

I have a Husq 2042 rider. Its been a good mower overall, but last year I had a bearing seize up on the outside blade casing. I replaced both bearings and spindle.

As soon as I engaged the blades, it started smoking from underneath and I found that one of the new bearings had seized again. I replaced the bearings and bought a whole new assembly for the other side (casing with spindle and bearings already installed)

I got about 5 cuts out of it (1/2 acre) and noticed while driving a vibration from the deck. To assure it was from the deck I disengaged the blades and reengaged them. It immediately choked the engine down. Jacked it up and another bearing looks to be gone. Any ideas?

Also after it choked the engine down, I disengaged the blades, put into N and the starter won't even click....guess thats another problem though.

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usually a bearing burning up/seizing means internal lack of lubrication or case/race being damaged during installation...
Did you grease the replacement brgs by packing before assy or using grease gun before cutting grass (if zerks were there)?
no "framming" of brg during assembly?

(sorry - gotta ask) :)

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The very first bearing I replaced, I did not pressure pack the bearing. Thats the reason I went ahead an tried replacing it a second time, and greased the bearings. I also sanded the inside of the housing with very fine sand paper to assure there weren't any burs the second time around.

I was thinking that the housing might be damaged, and it still may be, but the last time I replaced everything but the housing and housing and all on the other side. The side that still had the old housing was the one to seize again, but the brand new one felt very hot as well.

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few more questions - when you replaced brgs, were they OEM parts or aftermarket generic?
when you had the quills assembled before installing back in deck, did the quill shaft turn freely/easily by hand? and was there any rumbling noise when the shaft(s) were being turned by hand?

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Yea, I believe the brgs were aftermarket replacements. I got them from a local mower shop and they weren't in a Husky labeled box.

And yes they turned fine. The only thing I can think of that I hadn't mentioned was that I did have an issue with the blade bolt trying to back out after they were installed and blades engaged.

Now I'm wondering if there were shims/spacers that may have been burnt/disintegrated when that first bearing seized?

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double post

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do you have (or have access to) a parts list with diagrams for that tractor/mower? If so, those pixs should answer just what goes into one of their quill assemblies (ie., shims, spacer, etc.)..
and - if those aftermarket brgs had a slightly thicker body, might cause an interference and subsequent heat meltdown (just speculating..)

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After repeated premature failings of pacific rim bearings I limit my purchases to Timken, FAG, and SK bearings made in the US, GB, or Germany and have never had to replace one.

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It sounds to me that the small spacer under the pulley may have been omitted. ??

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