Why are my autumn joy sedums leaves flopping over?

harvwald(z5 IL)May 22, 2011

I have several autumn joy sedums planted alongside my house in a narrow strip of land. They usually do well there. Today I noticed a lot of their leaves turning over. I think I've noticed this on occasion before -- could it be too much water? I thought the soil was dry and watered a bit, but since we had heavy rains earlier this week, perhaps the soil was holding water deep down? Our soil is clay and the drainage not good. Thanks for any input.

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Mine were wilting today too, but I chalked it up to not enough moisture and baking hot sun. Not sure how much rainfall we got in the past week as we were out of town.

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

In IL, I'd say it's probably too much water.
It sounds like your soil might not be as well drained as sedums prefer.

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wrote a long answer but apparently did not 'submit'...how aggravating.
Could be rain, could be too good soil; I think it is part the nature of plant unless it is starved and in the sun.

Here's what to do at this point (many of us do this rouitinely, regardless of variables)

1 break off at ground level (or snip) skinny little stems. Gives the bigger ones room to spread.

2 cut remaining stems back by half. Leave no stubs: ugly. Use your fingers or clippers. You may want to clip back again by late June, maybe not by half but a third. Not a science: live and learn.

Plant produces multiple small flower heads instead of great big one (phlox, monarda behave the same) I think it colors up the same time as unclipped, just not splaying open.

3. Borrow, buy "the well tended perennial garden" by Tracy
distabato aust" A bible for guiding plant growth, getting the shape and blooms you want from perennials; delaying blooming; prolonging plants impact, sensible short cuts for the busy gardener; some simple design principles and tips. Great Book!

For right now, thin and barber those sedums!

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kvenkat(5a Colo)

If you give your sedums a trim, you take all those cuttings and root them to get more plant, if you want. Just remove some of the lower leaves and stick the cuttings into a pot. Very easy to grow that way.

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Pinching the tips back through mid July also promotes a more compact growth habit...less open and floppy.

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