Rose Rosette virus reading and pictures

henry_kuskaApril 16, 2014


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Maryl zone 7a

The Tulsa Rose garden, at one time one of the largest in the United States, has revised it's RRV fatality list from 1/2 of the roses infected last fall to 2/3 of the roses infected with this years new burst of spring growth. Even more roses (100%?) may be infected and eliminated from the garden. They will not replant display roses until some sort of viable solution is found. Until then it will be planted with other ornamentals. They have plans to be a test garden for resistant RRV roses, but I don't know if they will follow through with that. Ironically the initial large breakout of RRV started in a long hedge of Knockout roses. They have had small outbreaks off and on for years, and I remember confirming my first case of RRV back in 1988 with the park horticulturalist. Last year I lost more roses then usual myself. Currently I do not have plans to replace them either. The mites are carried on the wind, and if there is anything Oklahoma has in abundance it's wind. Sad to see over 3,000 roses destroyed at this once beautiful park by this disease..........Maryl

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This appeared in Sunday's Tulsa paper.

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