Weeping Rose Tree?

TriniStar(6B)April 13, 2011

Has anyone ever heard of this? I came across it a few days ago from a company called Direct Gardening. I read their reviews online and I don't feel comfortable ordering from them. So I decided to do look up "weeping rose tree" and the only place that keeps popping up is Direct Gardening!

Does a Weeping Rose Tree even exist? If it does, can anyone help me find one from a reputable company?



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I don't know what happened in the above post, but yes, weeping tree roses have existed for years. Week's Roses was the last commercial source I know of for them. In years past, they've been offered from four to six feet trunk height. Shipping has been high due to the size, but when a proper variety is chosen and the plant is well grown, they are spectacular! Renae is, I believe, the last variety Week's has offered, and it's a great choice as it does weep, is thornless, ever blooming and very fragrant. I don't know how it would perform in harsher climates, but here in the land of endless summer, it's wonderful. Kim

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diane_nj 6b/7a

However, in my area of zone 6b standard roses (AKA, "tree roses") are not winter hardy and would need to be grown in a pot and moved into an unheated garage for the winter.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Someone was selling cane-hardy rose standards in the upper midwest?? I think Karl had one and it was hardy for him. I think it was called 'Polar' something? Can't remember. There were a couple of threads about it maybe a year or two ago.

I have a 60" weeping 'Renae', and lovely it is. Weeks stopped selling the 60" a few years ago.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

trinistar, here's a link to list of weeks (wholesaler) "tree" roses and a link to their locator page for a retailer near you. See if you have a local retailer who can order one for you. HOpe that helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Weeks where to buy page

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

And, here's the cold-hardy "Polar Joy", I think this website has an email addy somewhere on it, you can email this guy and see if he knows where you can get one.

Here is a link that might be useful: cold hardy

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I always buy my roses bushes and Tree roses from Cottage Farms direct or Cottage Farms QVC. I bought 8 tree roses and 4 wheeping tree roses this year from Cottage farm direct and are doing very well. Bloom after blooms.

I also bought 5 tree roses from Conier and are also doing well very vigorous trunk and non stop bloomers. I also bought 14 mini tree roses 18 inches tall from Weeks roses and ohhhh la la nice. Cottage Farms give me the confident and 100% money back if not satisfied..

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donaldvancouver(cool wet z8)

I imagine many shrubs can be pruned into an own-root standard, as long as they are fully cane-hardy in a given area. I have done this with shrubby fuchsias and they look good. Just choose a strong vertical cane, stake it straight up, prune away the other canes, remove the branches and leaf buds from the "trunk" area, and shape the "tree branch" area.

Has anybody tried this with something like Morden Centennial?

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elks(US5 Can6)

Polar Joy, aka Northern Encore, is a Jerry Twomey rose. I have been growing some since before introduction by Bailey stateside and T&T Seeds in Canada (I was asked to test them in this zone). I have two standards, tree roses, and one bush. They are cane hardy to the tip. The standards grow on their own roots. They bloom all season. They are scented. As a bush, it is truly magnificent, standing over 6' high and wider, covered in bloom as it is right now. They are hard not to like.


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Regan's is a great source for tree roses -- and it definitely has the widest selection, a number of which fall into the "weeping'' category. 'Renae' is always on their list, but the one that invariably sells out early is 'China Doll'. Another on Regan's list that's getting good reports as a weeping rose tree is 'Electric Blanket' (one of the varieties in the Kordes "Vigorosa" series).

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ratdogheads(5b NH)

I have a Gourmet Popcorn tree from Regan. Initially it looked like a fluffy white lollipop. I kept it neatly trimmed, but I wasn't all that enamored with the appearance. Then I read somewhere that it will weep, so this year I left it alone. Some of the canes are arching toward the ground. It's bit lopsided now but you can see the potential.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Would love to see photo of your 'Polar Joy', Steve.

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elks(US5 Can6)

I'm a little green. Perhaps next month when I have time, I will figure out how to upload pictures here. I believe I have to find a place to store them on the web somewhere.


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elks(US5 Can6)

The bush, with Hansa and a few poppies.

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This is a timely thread!
I have to confess an obsession with weeping standards - I think they are just stunning.
In the UK the full sized weeping standards are really difficult to find, there are also not many varieties available, and if available are very expensive, especially if you take postage into consideration. Fortunately I have had luck in finding them in the EU.
From personal experience I would suggest you find something that is Very Very resistant to disease, there is nothing more awful than looking at head height bare thorny branches.
Of all my standards the most successful and beautiful have been Rosarium uetersen and Leverkusen, as I do prefer a large flower. The most disappointing have been the small flowering varieties - I really donâÂÂt like such small blooms, especially as they have no impact from a distance - look spotty if that makes sense!
I have done a little research and will hopefully be looking to graft my own standards (rootstock is pfander) and I am currently on the look out for some new varieties to bud I am considering parade, ilse krohn superior. I would really like to use coral dawn but she has no resistance to BS here, if any has any recommendations please let me know!


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I know this is not what u are writing about, but here is my 5 year old liv tyler, who has taken a weeping ( more like drooping) form this summer. This is Chicago so I have brought her in for the winter. If you could have seen the true spring flush....WOW. I DO have tree roses that are thriving in my zone 5 winters and are so huge their top heavy grafted tops WEEP! I think I have a micro climate. Hoovb's Renae is a real beauty. My trees are all from Regan. I have tried baby's blanket and gourmet popcorn , as I love the weeping standards, also. They died.

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My local nursery had two China Dolls last week and I had to think before spending the $$ they were asking. Then I found out they were going out of business so rushed in today to buy one of them .. grrr, both sold yesterday to the same person (greedy cow, LOL!).

I came home with a Renae that they said I'd be happy with as a replacement for the China Doll.


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motherjan(z5 N.E. OHIO)

I just received one from Direct Gardening and it looks very much alive. I have put it in water and will put it in a large container. I think it will look wonderful. Will let you know later.

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motherjan(z5 N.E. OHIO)

I also ordered one from QVC-Cottage Farms. It is due here on the30th of this month. We shall see the difference.

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