Help my Echo hedge trimmer is stalling.

jon1July 6, 2008

help, I have a Echo gas hedge trimmer. It has ran great up untill this last week.

I can start it and it will idle fine. When I pull the throtttle it revs faster and the cutter bar moves.Then after about 4-5 secs the engine starts to bog down and will stall if I dont let off of the trottle. It seems like it can't get up above idle for more than 4-5 secs.

I check the air filter and it has new gas,


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Fuel filter or high speed circuit in the carb. The fuel filter is doubtful but I would start there 'cause it's easy and worth eliminating as a cause. Pull it out of the tank and spray with carb cleaner. If that doesn't work and you have mixture adjustments on the carb I would give them 1 turn in, 2 turns out and 1 turn back in to arrive at your starting point. That may knock some gum or trash loose and get you on your way. If it's still not working then remove the carb, dissasemble enough to get to the internals and blast with cleaner, you may want to run some tag wire through small passageways. (Tag wire is what you get from the middle of a bread bag twist tie)

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My Echo is doing the same thing and we replaced the Carb...still stalls an can't reach higher RPM..

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You clean the exhaust screen, took the muffler off the clean out all the carbon?

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Muffler and screen are clean..could it be the little white fuel check valve? Never replaced it in 5 years..

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These newer engines are set real lean, some times need to pull the limiter caps and adjust richer to make run right. Steve

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Another suggestion: My Echo has a vent tube that goes into the fuel tank. It has a white plastic end that I believe allows air to get into the tank - to prevent a vacuum. I accidentally pulled mine out when pulling the start cord. I re-inserted it and got it too far into the fuel tank. It wouldn't run properly. I assume I got it into the fuel and prevented air flow from the outside. Pulled it out a bit and it ran okay.

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