briggs valve stuck twice.

rerod(5)July 9, 2011

I have a troy bilt 33" mulching mower with a 8.5 briggs. My son was running it to fast in tall grass and killed the engine. It wouldn't start and I started looking and found the exhaust valve stuck. I removed it and found aluminum deposits on the valve stem. Removed them and put it back together. It ran fine for a while, then lost the spring retainer on the same valve. Is this engine shot since the aluminum valve stem bore is sloppy? Also wondering if installing a new Honda engine on a 10 year old troy bilt is worth a shot. My luck the transmission would shell out as soon as I did that.


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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

B & S = throwaway engine as the son did "lunch" it.
But she was nigh shot before then with worn out valve guides..evidently, these are not rebuildable.
Try a Chinese engine sold by Harbor Freight ?
Brand names no longer have meaning - everything is "cheap" , IMO.

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You might have valve guides that can be added to repair the wear. I am almost sure I had a tool or kit for adding guides in the 70s. Check the link below, others and your local repair shop. That should be a minor job. loger

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Id have to agree with you earthworm. In fact, with 10 years of service on the mower I don't think its worth buying the harbor freight engine even though Iv heard good things about them. The mower has been collecting dust for a few years now so the carb has to be gummed up as well. Hate to see it go.

Loger. This engine does not have steel valve stem guides. The stem rides in the aluminum block.

I dont want a riding mower, so what would you guys recommend I get? Something wider than my 22". And a bullet proof engine. I don't mind paying for quality American made products. But most out source allot of the parts anyway.

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