Welding is not always the best solution or faster IMO

loger_gwJuly 5, 2012

Welding is not always the best solution or faster IMO. A 1" X 1/16" thick Square Tubing "Yard Pole Hanging Plat Stand" (7 ft high above ground) was dropped off for a repair. The request was that it be welded where it broke at ground level. At that point a 3/8" round finger was welded and went out 6", down 8-10" to keep it from turning. I was tempter to chop-saw the tubing square and clean to simply weld it.

With plenty bolts, nuts, and 1" X 1/8" thick angle I decided to drill and bolt it "All" back together. I have solid steel and thicker angle but d/n want to overkill the repair (since I d/n have 3/4" or 1" rebar). I simply used two 5/16 bolts/washers/nuts to bolt 2 ft of 1" angle at the bottom. 8" is lapped, 16 " will go in the ground with a 6" angle stop bolted at the bottom bolt (to resist twisting). This will allow the son-in-law to know he is qualified to do the next repair. LOL.

Pop Rivets and heavy rivets to brad are even better for some jobs vs welding IMO.

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When I started at my latest job, I spied a MIG welder all apart and under the work table. Nobody knew how to fix it or use it. I had it running the same day and much of the problem was from a bad gun which was replaced a few weeks later.

Before I came, any broken part was thrown out and replaced from, sometimes Germany, since it's all German equipment. Not much of a consolation in a 24/7 operation when you need a part today. Minimum cost for parts starts at several hundred to thousands of dollars.

In this case, a welder is a lifesaver.

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And I built a plasma cutter out of Momma's
old sewing machine. SO THERE!!!

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Some welding is the way to go and a true lifesaver. Half of the needs that come in my home's garage are lightweight metals that have stress cracks or rott. Lots of wrought Iron work and minor machinery cracks. I use my welders when needed. Otherwise, I like to show them there are options to welding. A good example: The cheap wrought iron fence panels that were wire welded and breaks the first time the mower or etc hits a picket. I get a call to re-weld it miles away. Knowing the fence and its quality, I take some self-taping screws. On a heavier needs away from my garage I will usually explore bolting or pass on helping.

Please give a summary of using a sewing machine to build a plasma cutter or share good links. My wife has more family machines than she can use due to the younger generation not being interested in sewing. I would be interested in using one vs donating most of them.

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I didn't really build a plasma cutter out of Momma's
sewing machine. I was just funnin with ya, cause
it seemed that this thread was turning into a

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