Stihl MM55 - Mantis or Honda Mini Tiller

joetoeJuly 24, 2011

I have read the postings on Stihl vs Mantis Mini Tillers posting that was on in 2007 now I would like to know the PRO'S and CON'S on the Stihl MM55, Mantis and Honda Mini Tillers that are on the market today. Back than not to many had the Stihl most of the one's that give their testimony's had Mantis Mini Tillers.

Since than allot could have changed and today we have the Stihl, Mantis and Honda Mini Tillers.

I am a big fan of Honda's, but as you know Mantis also uses the Honda engine on their tillers also.

Comparing all 3 of these tillers which one is built rock solid, I am talking about which tiller will cut through hard clay soil? Which tiller is built for hard construction use? That can be for landscaping or any other everyday hard working jobs?

I looked at the Honda and Stihl tillers and I noticed that the wheels on the Honda was not solid where the wheels on the Stihl was very solid. Not sure about the Mantis.

Which of the 3 tillers are built for commercial use, I am talking about the construction of the whole tiller? Not one that is built for light weight jobs one does around the home and put away for the season.

I need one that will give me years of hard use. I don't need a big tiller for the work for it is too big.

Like you have heard before. you want a tiller that will give you the most for your dollar.

You do not want to be fixing one every time you turn around.

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Don't know a thing about the Stihl. Do have experience with both the Mantis and Honda. NEITHER of them will work well in heavy clay soil - they are simply too light, and will bounce completely off the ground at times. I have heavy clay soil, and have to use my Troy Horse to break it up. My mini-tiller is used for cultivation in established beds. My impression is that neither is intended for commercial or industrial use. Not sure about the Mantis, but the wheels on my Honda are intended for transport only, so they don't have to be super sturdy to wheel a 25-pound machine around. I never install the wheels because the tiller is easy enough to pick up and carry. Both the Mantis and Honda are sturdy and reliable, when used for their intended purpose, but I doubt that they would hold up to the usage you are proposing.

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Which one do you really like the best?

Which one gave you trouble free use?

Do you have the Honda motor on your Mantis?

If you were to buy just one which one would you take over the other and why?

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Okay, my experience is with the Mantis and Honda mini-tillers. I own a Honda and a good friend has a Mantis. We have both used each other's machines quite a bit.

My Honda has a 4-cycle engine, and his Mantis is 2-cycle. I don't know who manufactured the Mantis 2-cycle engine. The Mantis 4-cycle is made by Honda.

I see the two machines as equal. If I were buying a Mantis I would opt for the 4-cycle engine, as it runs smoother and is quieter Between the two I would buy whichever 4-cycle I could get at the cheapest price.

I would not expect either machine to stand up to the use that you are proposing. It sounds to me like trying to farm a quarter-section of land with a lawn tractor.

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I only reason that I came across the way I did is I want someone to come forth and really give me a testimony which Mini Tiller could and would perform the very best under these conductions that I ask about.

Since I have heard from no one with the HONDA I was hoping that someone would come forward and give their testimony about all three of these Mini Tillers.

You are the first to come forward and give your feelings about the HONDA.

You see I am a big HONDA fan but have never heard any one talk about the HONDA, always about the Mantis and how great they are.

Yes I have clay soil and yes I shove it and turn it over by hand. So in doing this will I be able to use the HONDA to brake the soil up?

I still would love to hear about the Stihl?

You are a great help in telling me about your expense with the HONDA and the MANTIS and I am very grateful for this.

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None of them will break up heavy clay soil. They all are
great units that do the chore they are made for.

The older Mantis engines are Echo, then came Honda.
Stihl stuff has always been good.

But you need to focus on what you need, and what is available, and what will accomplish the results you desire,
and I firmly believe that none of these units will qualify


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FISH: great to see that you're still lurking around. I know, from YEARS on these Gardenweb forums, that anybody who ignores YOUR advice is like a turtle on a fencepost.

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Great to see that you are still around too.


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