pressure washer electric vs gas

PoorOwner(Northern CA)July 25, 2007

I am thinking of getting a pressure washer, I have used those karcher electric one before around 1800 PSI and it was ok.. for about $170.

the big box stores have entry level 2200 PSI gas engines for about $250.

So just looking for your thoughts on keeping the home clean, not stripping paint or trying to take off a layer of wood or concrete. Would a electric one be ok to own to wash stucco, patio, driveways etc?

Also, after I sealed the slabs and patio is it a bad idea to wash them again later?

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I have a Husky electric (1750 psi) and it is not bad for the price.

One day while at Home Depot, I asked a clerk about pressure washers and got the best explanation of the differences and best ones to buy that I have ever heard.

After hearing all that information, I realized that a gas one is better than electric and the more expensive pressure washers are the best buy because of the quality of their parts. He showed me the different pumps etc., how to recognize them, and why some are better than others.

If you are near a Home Depot or Lowes, you might get as lucky as I did in getting someone to describe the best product for your needs.

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I'm with you. I decided to retire my generac electric p/w. I did some investigation and found a similar answer to what the hd guy told you. I found that a cat pump is hard to beat in longevity and design. Couple that with a good horizontal shaft overhead valve engine, like a honda gx motor, and you will have a unit that will last a good while under residential use. I bought a dewalt 2 months ago with a cat pump and a honda gx. The price was much more than the "access or accel" line offered but I felt it was worth it. One good unit is worth more than several units of lesser quality.

poorowner keep that in mind when deciding.


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I too needed a pressure washer a few years ago, but didn't
want another gas engine to maintain. Besides I knew I would have to bring the unit into the basement in the winter and didn't like the idea of gasoline in my basement
with the pilot lights on the water heater and furnace.
I looked on the internet and there are some very expensive
ones, ($800), which I am sure are very good. I settled
on a Cambell Housefield, which I picked up at Tractor
Supply for about $150, on sale. I don't use it that
often, but it is about 5 years old and works fine for
jobs like you mention. Jobs take a little longer than
they do with the gas powered units, but that is because
the volume of flow is not there, (GPM). I'm happy with

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I have a husky 1750 electric pressure washer. I've had it about a year and it works pretty good. The power is ok. Its only 1.5 pgm and will handle most homeowner needs, but its not going to tackle really tough jobs. One thing I dislike about the electrics is the power cord can sometimes get in the way. The wand is attached to a 25 ft hose, so if your washing your car it can be a little bit of a pain moving the pw around the car. The hoses and the power cord always seem to get stuck under the car tires etc. However the zero maintenance makes up for it.

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A pressure washer with real pump costs a LOT. Unless you want a good pressure washer with a real pump either a electic or gas version with a not so durable pump is your other option. If you go with the poor pump option you need to decide on what size you need depending your intended usage.
If you go with the poor pump option service would be a consideration. Good Luck. ak-07

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