Trillium Questions

Lucky_LadMay 3, 2014

This plant was hiding in a group of lilacs when we bought our house 20 years ago. It faithfully comes up every year. Are trilliums wild or do you think this is just an old planting?
I've been thinking about moving it to a shady spot next to the house. It's really entwined with a lilac shaft. Should I just leave it, and enjoy it where it is, or chance a move?
Does anyone recognize it as a named variety?
Thanks, Laddie

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Picture of flower

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Probably Trillium erectum....It is a native wildflower but, unless your house was built in a wooded area, it was most likely planted - perhaps from wild stock from a nearby woods....? They will go dormant in the summer. If you want to move it, wait until it is dormant and then dig up the root, which looks vaguely bulb-like. If it's happy where it is, I'd be inclined to leave it rather than risk losing it in a move.

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Thanks Woody, here's a picture where it lives. If you want to really see it you have to wade through the lilacs to lift a flower. But they give it the shade it likes. I guess I'll leave it.

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