Chipper Shredder wont start

annakarin31(z5)July 15, 2007

I purchased a YardMan 5 hp Chipper Shredder at a garage sale. The engine is a Briggs and Stratton. The lady assured me that all it needed was a new air filter. It looks like it is almost unused but is about 7 years old. I got it home and replaced the air filter and spark plug. Emptied the gas tank and refilled it and checked the oil. But could not get it started. After pulling and pulling to no avail I checked the spark plug and it is bone dry. I gave up and let it sit for a week. Today my husband walks out gives it one pull and it starts. As soon as he adjusts the choke it dies. Now it wonÂt start. What gives, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The carb needs cleaned. You will need to remove any adjustment screws and spray carb cleaner into any hole you can find. Be sure to turn the adjustment screws in the whole way counting the number of turns before you remove them so you can install them the same way.

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ditto on the clogged carb. Take it apart & clean it well including all the passages with wire to clear out the gummed up fuel. It's a relatively easy task if you get a carb rebuild kit that includes all the gaskets. If you're careful taking it apart you may be able to get by without the kit.
If you can get it to start & run even with the choke, try putting Sea Foam fuel treatment in the gas. I've had good luck using it to clear up minor gumming. After 7 years or so you may need a manual carb cleaning.
Any small engine shop can do it for a fairly nominal charge.

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Post the engine numbers, so we can figure out which carb you have.

It doesn't have a fuel shut off valve by chance?

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The engine model number is 245-645B000. I have no experience working on engines, but I am fearless and have managed to do lots of jobs around the house with the help of a manual. Do you think that cleaning a carburetor something that can be done by someone like me? (I do have a tiller that won't start as well).
Edsacer I assume you suggesting trying the Sea Foam first, and it will only work if the engine runs for awhile, correct? And what is a nominal charge?
Bill, no fuel shut off valve.
I should have looked in the tank and known that seeing gas meant trouble.

Thank you for your replies. (If I can make this work with your help, I am tackling the tiller next).

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i'd say yes about the carb repair especially if you have a manual. The first one I took apart was when I was a kid on a mini-bike engine with no manual & it worked afterward. Lots of little parts, springs etc. Take it easy & put all parts in a box to keep from losing. A digital camera can help put it back together if you take pictures as you take it apart.
I don't know what you mean by nominal charge for sea foam. Follow directions. It has to run to get the Sea Foam in. Letting it set after it runs a while before starting may help it work on deposits. It cost $7 or so a can.
Once you take one carb apart & put it back together it isn't so intmidating to do it again.

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"The engine model number is 245-645B000"
Not Briggs numbers!

The numbers should probably be something like-

Look at this link-

Once you have the correct #, go to the link below and download an IPL.
It'll have an exploded view of the carb. That way we'll be on the same page.

Here is a link that might be useful: IPL

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Bill, you are right, the model number is 135212 0140 01. Thanks for the link I will check it out.

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Parts needed-
(Briggs part 272538) diaphragm. It's about $4 and it's just sensible to replace it at this time.
Can of carb cleaner with spray tube.

Page11/30 has an exploded view of the carb.

Replace the diaphragm, Part 394.(Briggs part 272538)
While you have the cover off, use the spray tube of your can of carb cleaner to flush the 2 holes under the diaphragm.
One should go into the venturi and you should be able to hear it "whoosh". The other should go to the fuel pick up tube in the tank. You should hear the fuel "bubble" if/when that circuit is clear
It'll probably be easier to remove the muffler first. 2 bolts and then you get a straight shot at the cover plate screws. (else, they're somewhat easy to mess up)
BTW, my screws were 3/32" allen screws.
Just work slow and reassemble in the same order the parts came off.

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Had this problem with our 5hp chip/sred. After sitting all year the diaphram fuel pump would stick and not pump fuel. Removed air cleaner and pour a few spoonfuls of raw gas down carb and set on full choke and pull start rope for dear life. Generally it would run for a few seconds and die. Repeat the sequence till diaphram loosens and begins to supply fuel to the carb. did this for two or three years without tearing anything apart. It was a YTD model I think and pretty sure it was a B/S engine.
I know this is an old thread but thought I would add my two cents worth to the subject.

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I have a chipper that I stating briefly then stopped it. Went to stat it again and the pull cord won't budge. Any suggestions.

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Remove the spark plug and try the recoil function again .

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By now, I' m sure your shredder is fixed.....
we had the same problem, and after some disassembly
of the unit, discovered a small piece of wood jammed in the chipper blades....popped it out with a screw driver, and it started on 2nd. pull...
after 30 years,, have decided to let our power equipment
dealer do some maintenance work on the carb and fuel system. Oil has been changed every 30 hrs. or so,
blades sharpened or replaced yearly....air filter as well..
It still does a good job.
only challenge is not to overload the chute with material to be chipped...all in all, over the years, money well spent
on a useful, used often piece of machinery...

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