Homelite String Trimmer

dawolfncJuly 27, 2010

Hello all,

My first post here!

I have a Homelite String Trimmer (UT22600) that would start but die within seconds. I have never done any small engine repair before, but I thought I'd give it a whirl.

So...I emptied the fuel tank and took off the air filter cover. Filter was clean. I unscrewed the primer bulb from the carburetor and checked it out. Nice and clean here. Long story short...I found the fuel line inside the fuel tank had rotted and was separated from the line to the carburetor.

Now, my problem is that under the priming bulb was a small flat machined block of metal that the two lines from the fuel tank went into(I am not sure what the name of this piece is). This piece is machined/ported and I know enough to know that the ports have to be aligned just so to ensure the engine will run. Well, under that block were 2 gasket type pieces; one thick and one very thin. Problem is I can't remember which goes on top (i.e. closest to the priming bulb).

If any smart folks out there can lend me a hand it would be much appreciated.



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See Bill W. He is the Homelite Guro ! So he Says !

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homelite.com doesn't recognize this ut number,
here's sites to help if carb is walbro.

this site has most all you need if carb is ZAMA

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Thanks for the replies guys. I did a little trial and error. Turns out if you have it in the wrong place the thing just plain won't work. Thing is running like a champ now and I learned a little something about small engines. Win, win.

Thanks again,


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