super tech synthetic oil at WalMart

exmarJuly 6, 2011

I tried to use the search engine here and it wasn't working (for me anyway :-) )

Much as I dislike "wally world" I do go there occasionally as living in a small town there's stuff you go there for or drive 2-3 hours-I may be opinionated, but not totally dumb. Anyway, saw a friend who runs a lawn service business who was buying 4-5 quart containers of super tech 5W-30 synthetic oil which he said he uses in his machines. He said he's used it for a while and as far as he's seen it's a great value for the money.

I never considered it, always kind of thought you get what you pay for in lubrication products, but $18 for a full synthetic (5 quart) did get my attention.



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I have always found Wal-Mart to have the best prices on limited major brands of motor oils. Then, good prices on their house brands that are usually major brands in Wal-Mart's container. I have had 2-4 dollar savings on clearance specials of 5 qt, 10-30 wt Castrol motor oil for our trucks and cars. I know they have the best price ever on Merlot (an oil). LOL! loger

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I like Supertech synthetic as well as Pennzoil ultra and Rotella T synthetics at Wally's.

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This is my opinion others may disagree?!. Wally get alot or rap, but it's been american way for quit sometime. all started back in the 60's an maybe earlier to prop up the bottom line and CEO's get there outrageous bonus. AT What cost? american jobs, this really came to light in the middle 60's when you started seeing metric hardware showing up on american made cars. Spread like wild fire AMerican companies taught them, trained them, just for cheap or slave labor, and even the government encoured or paid big manufacturing companies to go overseas. Kmart was no different. They all ran mom and pop out around the corner in small towns or large with these hugh stores they had to compete with. and will be the down fall to this country. Just like when I read about the rifle that goes off when you bump it. Designer has 4 cent fix back in 1959, but that ran into the profit margain and the company didn't go with it. and just think how many people died for 4 cent fix.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

So far so good with the Super-Tech oil with me. We use this in many of our machines.. There is a very fine line between good value and junk, IMO.
I agree in part with Rcmoser, but only partially.
We need balance.
And, we need the truth.
And far better education...applies to me as well...
Designer has 4 cents fix ????
I do not think that it is the "American" way, rather its man's way, men in China, Germany and England, everywhere even Japan. And this is nothing new...

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I have used Wal Mart oils in my car and mowers regularly and never a problem... i just bought a 5qt bottle a few weeks back and came to the conclusion (based on the bottle it was in) that it was probably made by Mobil...the package for the quarts and 5 quart bottles were identical. Don't know about the synthetic though.

Some might feel that the OEM manufacturer (let's assume it's Mobil) "cuts" something out for Wal Mart versus their brand...I assume that it wouldn't be cost efffective for the OEM to do this - most likely just the same oil at a lower price.

You would need to be a oil company chemical engineer and/or know someone that works for Wal Mart as a buyer to get the real answer.

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