Bubbling rock drills?

watershaperJuly 30, 2010

I'm looking to get a drill to make bubbling rocks. I know they are expensive and so are the bits, so that's not an issue or a surprise. What is the best option out there? Hand held the only way to go? Do press style drills inhibit size of rock too much?

I'm usually drilling 1.5 - 2" holes for Flex PVC. Stones vary, but usually in the 3 - 6' range size, often up to 2' in drilling depth.

In my search so far, often been told Bosch's hammerdrill is the best option out there.

Thoughts and/or suggestions? Thanks for any input.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

Why not make the necessary boulders from Fiberglas?
Drilling thru ?sandstone? or limestone seem to be an overly monumentous task..

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If you're looking to sell me artificial stone... move along. I have the only quality artificial manufacturer I've ever seen.

Sorry to earthworm if he's not, but I've gotten a tone of "that won't work.... here's my card", responses on my other posts.

Anyone out there familiar with drilling stone? What's the best machine to buy? Anyone?

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