how to sharpen blades on reel mower

joannpalmyraJuly 19, 2010

I've asked the gentleman who owns the local lawn service but he says he doesn't have the tools to sharpen the blades on my reel lawnmower. It also needs a new ruber cover for the wood rolling dowel. Any ideas? ~JoAnn

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This is not a DIY task unless you have someone who is trained, teach you how to do it plus you need the proper files. I suggest that you use your Yellow Page directory and look under "sharpening". Phone around. Talk to people that are in the blade sharpening business. Not all will have the motorized equipment to sharpen the reels and bed knives but they may know of someone who does.

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Thanks very much. :)
So I guess my $10 deal wasn't such a deal after all. Oh well.

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masiman(z7 VA)

They can be sharpened if you want to try it:

Lee Valley Reel Mower Sharpening Info

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The post above is not true sharpening, but rather backlapping. In any case backlapping requires a fair amount of skill to properly set the reel relative to the bedknife. I agree with the first post.

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This will take a true craftsman from the 50s 60s before the power mowers became popular and knows the values of files. The adjustments or sharpening are not hard or bad if you have some mechanical "Hands On" skills. I cheat with some power tools sharpening now (when I can to save time on excessive needs) but I have and value my variety of files and experience. IÂm sure grass keepers associated with Golf Courses will know the skills and would possibly share the skills. Where is your 65 Â70 year old Neighborhood Handyman if you live where grass has always been popular to care for?

The rubber on the dowel can probably be fitted with water hose from an Auto Store or hose from Home Depot (HD will probably have the best price).


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