Hello Hydraulic Log Splitter Owners, Please Share Your Experience

loger_gwJuly 10, 2010

Hello Hydraulic Log Splitter Owners, Please Share Your Experiences.

Are hydraulic log splitter's pumps real noisy? A link to my log splitter that I feel is loud and dangerous to my ears is below. Please copy and paste the address to open the files. The file with the arrow is the audio file and others are showing the splitter. I have started using ear plugs and muffs at the same time. Do you feel it is loud and have suggestions toward getting it quieter. With the hydraulic lines open and the motor and pump running there is basically no noise. The noise appears to come from hydraulic fluid pressure.


Thank You In Advance For Any Help! loger

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canguy(British Columbia)

Check the hydraulic oil level with the ram fully retracted. If it is low, air can get in the system and cause this. If all else fails, have a hydraulic tech look at it.

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I have not found a Hydraulic Tech close but I did try to e-mail one (plus that's what landed me at this site). The tank has plenty of fluid in it and it works very good. I wish you could copy and past the address below in your very top "http" address window and open it (to see and hear the splitter). I feel someone that has a similar splitter will see the problem, "if there is one". An in-line noise reducer is another idea I question if it w/n affect the performance of the splitter. I was told that excess hydraulic line would cause it to be loud. I also notice that some other hydraulic equipment is just as loud, "which could be normal".

Is it a way to send a private message? I could send you the file as an e-mail vs on this message-board and it would open easy. The audio file is the one with the arrow if you get to the "last 4" Pic/files.


Thanks for replying again!

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Loger: Yes Hydraulic Systems are always noisy . They can become more so as indicated by CG if Oil Reservoir is low causing the Pump to cavitate . The Oil would become foamy and the pump Head would become extremely hot . Sometimes you may have a Relief or Directional valve that will bypass or leak through causing a form of chatter but you again would notice sluggish or jerky Ram Response . Ear Protection is normally recommended when Splitters are used .

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Thanks ewalk,

Being new to log splitters, this info is new to me. I would have thought they would be quieter, electric or gas operated. IÂll have no problems with wearing plugs. Except! I feel plugs/muffs add to your danger when you hear less of your machinery or surroundings. I also wonder if the noise is related to the pumpÂs type/brand. I feel I have seen loud and quiet operations using the same amount of hydraulic force.

IÂll plan to visit Home Depot soon to hopefully compare my noise with their splitters. IÂll continue to keep my back to the safest fence (10Â vs 4-6Â) to keep anything happening in front of me. LOL. My last situation was noticing the police helicopter over my backyard (which is when I go inside and lockdown in Fort Worth, TX). The crook jumped my fence and had me in the line of fire as 6 police had their guns drawn (at both sides and back fences). We All Lived!


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Loger : Yes Hydraulic Units are not all equal . The Better Units have acoustical Foam and Shrouds to deaden the Noise Amplitude along with Flow Diffusers to reduce turbulent flow characteristics which increase pump performance and Direction Valve Spool Life , along with additional Noise Abatement. These adders cost $$$ Normal middle of the road units do not have these features therefore protection is at the user (Ear Muffs or Plugs) . Thus the Niche for Electric Units for the Occasional User. P.S. Visited Arlington Tx back in mid eighties on my Harley , Great Area Fort Worth & Dallas , learned the Value of a Oil Cooler and Synthetic Multi Grade Oil lol . Thank God never ran into the Black Helicopter Patrol :)

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I just got through building a log splitter, and I see you have your supply hose coming from the bottom of the tank but your pump is mounted so that U have too bring the fuild in from the top, and your supply hose at its highest point is at the top of the tank. So your pump has to pull the fuild to it.
I bought a Haldex pump and they manufacter them right here where I live in Rockford Il. I had the ear of one tech's while building mine and he said you can mount them any way U want. Mine is @ a right angle facing the tank and the supply runs under the I beam so that the tank can run just under half full before it actually has to pull any fuild to feed it.
I can't see if U can turn your pump so the inlet port is facing your tank. Have you tried to turn the preasure up on your valve. The more preasure U want the harder it has to work to maintain that preasure.
I have mine posted on my wifes facebook page only 2 pic's though Lynn Swanson.

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Thanks for The Reply! Questions:

1. Can you post a link to show your splitter and what you are referring to?
2. Can you post a link with the audible sound of your splitter?
3. Were you able to hear the audible sound of my splitter?
4. I feel I have all the power I need but do you feel modifying will reduce the noise?

I worked the splitter today an hour on a Tuff Tuff load of red oak and itÂs not bad with plugs and muffs on.


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